Koi Tips, Pond Services and Filtration Articles Occupy the 2018 Top Ten List

Published on July 25, 2018

Pond winner via our Gallery Spotlight page.

Where does the time fly? 2018 is half-way done and below we have the most popular 2018 articles and pages on PONDtrademag.com. The always popular Gallery Spotlight lands in the top spot while water filtration, koi food, pond design and pond services fill out the rest of the Top 10. 

This 2018 Top Ten midway article list also includes the top social media post and an online exclusive article.

Just click on the headlines to read these articles if you missed them the first time!

1. Pond Gallery Spotlight | The popularity of this page is probably a direct result of the 2017 Artisans of the Year award winners showcase back in March 2018. The top image on this page is one of the winners.   

2. Fundamentals of Water Filtration (Jan 2018 Issue) | Frayne McAtee dishes on the many types of filtration options and some pros and cons of certain filtration methods, such as flow-through and gravity filters. Great read!

 3. Natural Ponds Attract Wildlife to Your Water Garden (Jan/Feb 2018 Issue) | There’s a big move towards natural ponds and this article captures some of the benefits of building this kind of installation for customers, such as birds bathing and adding a lot of extra nutrients to the water.

4. Water Artisans of the Year | The 2017 Pond Season Winners | The wrap-up article for the WAOTY awards. The contest had more than 50 project submissions in five distinct categories and was judged by an all-new independent judging panel. Can’t wait for 2018!

5. The Foundation of Why: An Artistic Pond Construction Approach (Mar/Apr 2018 Issue) | Need some inspiration, check out Christopher Bell’s article. “…One must not only know the physical “how” part, but more importantly, they should also understand the foundation on which great ponds are built — the mental aspect of why we build. What separates the best from the rest?

6. So you (Still) Want a Crystal Clear Pond: Revisiting Undergravel Filtration (May/Jun 2018 Issue) | POND Trade brought Mike White back to revisit this highly-popular topic, as he wrote an article in 2014 that solicited a lot of feedback. As Mike mentions at the top, “my first undergravel filter is still running great and has not needed to be cleaned in the last 27 years.”

7. Diagnosing an Ailing Pond: The K.I.S.S. Principle (Mar/Apr 2018 Issue) | A great how-to article for dissecting the state of a pond as it relates to filtration. Also, a great resource for how to build a diagnosis service for your business, which will probably lead to trust with clients and more work down the line. Thanks, Rick !

facebook koi pellets
April 14 was a big day on POND Trade’s Facebook account, as the Koi Pellets article was a hit.

8. Best Practices | Short-term Pond Quarantine Strategies (Jan/Feb 2018 Issue) | Another great best practice from Kent Wallace and possible service addition for builders in the wintertime. 

9. Top Online Exclusive | Essential tips for taking care of a koi pond (Published  Apr 2018) Ryan Holmes discusses the essential points of how to keep a pond thriving and protect a customer’s costly pond life investment. Honorable Mention: The Aquatic Work Environment

10. Top Social Media Post of 2018 | Beyond Koi Pellets  Expanding your koi’s diet for nutrition and fun The article is from a couple of years ago, but shows again the power of the pond life content and especially Koi tips.

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