Koi Market & Ornafish Japan Join Forces to Provide Pond Owners With High-Quality Koi Fish

Published on March 8, 2018

Koi Market and Ornafish announce a strategic partnership that will provide pond and garden enthusiasts a variety of high-quality Japanese koi fish, with Koi Market becoming the exclusive east coast agent for Ornafish Japan Co., Ltd.

Koi Market, based on Long Island is New York’s largest dealer of quality koi fish and recently partnered with Ornafish Japan Co., Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of Japanese koi in the world. Through this arrangement, Koi Market / Ornafish USA will bring in Japanese koi for both wholesale trade and retail direct to consumer through its Huntington, NY location as well as online through www.OrnafishUSA.com Koi Market will receive the first shipment from Japan early February 2018 which will debut at the Central Florida Koi Show in Orlando Florida March 9-11 2018 at the Avanti Palms Resort, International Drive, Orlando FL.

Koi Market / Ornafish USA is importing over 2,000 Japanese Koi from some of Japan’s best koi breeders for its initial USA offering. Ornafish Japan works with over 50 of Japan’s top koi breeders including Marudo, Sakai, Aoki, Yagenji, Kase, Shinoda, Shintaro and Dainichi. These breeders are part of the Shinkokai also known as the All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association. The Shinkokai is a group of professional koi breeders and koi dealers dedicated to the promotion of koi keeping in Japan and around the world.

This partnership gives us the opportunity to import many varieties and sizes of high-quality Japanese Koi to American hobbyists at affordable prices.   – Shawn Rosen, President, Koi Market / Ornafish USA

If you would like more information, please contact Shawn Rosen at (516) 809-6771 or email at sales@koimarket.com.

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