Koi America Cancelled

Published on August 6, 2010

It is with sadness and a sense of disappointment that we must announce that Koi America 2010 – the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club’s Koi and Goldfish show has been cancelled.

After consultation with several members of the Executive Board Advisory Committee, the Executive Committee conferred. It was decided that in these uncertain economic times it would be unwise for MAKC to expend the money necessary to put on this show when we have a limited amount of koi and goldfish show entrants and vendor commitments this year. Hotel and banquet reservations were also lagging behind. We did not make this decision lightly. We know how much our members and volunteers look forward to Koi America 2010. We hate to disappoint. It was only after many phone calls and sleepless nights that we decided that we would rather disappoint now than put on a show which was less than what we wanted it to be and could potentially damage MAKC financially.

Our judges and lecture series speakers have been notified. We thank them for their commitment to our show and plan to invite them to be with us in the future.

Many thanks to Philip Gray, our Koi Show Chairman, and Terri Emerson, our Goldfish Show Chairperson, for all their efforts. They poured their hearts into the show and we know that they are both truly disappointed.

And, we also thank the following businesses who had committed to support Koi America 2010 by being a vendor, sponsor and/or donator:

Our Sponsors:
Event Corporate Hikari Sales USA, Inc.
Goldfish Show & Trophies House of Tropicals
Water Quality Hikari Sales USA, Inc.
Wet Lab Quality Koi Co.
Volunteer/Vendor Welcome Party Chuck & Ellie Cooper
Judges’ Dinner Sandy & Bob Fatzinger
Koi Show Trophies
The “Grands” Hikari Sales USA, Inc.
Best in Size Blackwater Creek Koi Farm, Inc.
Best in Variety Mazuri Koi Diets
Long-Fin Awards Kloubec Koi Farm
T-Shirt Aquatic Creations Ltd.; Quality Koi Co.;
Hanover Koi Farm
“Fabulous 5” Aquatic Creations, Ltd.

Aquatic Creations, Ltd., AZ Ponds & Supplies, Inc., Biggest Monster Koi Farm, Blackwater Creek Koi Farm, Inc., Dreamcatchers, Eastern Nishikigoi, Hanover Koi Farms, Hikari Sales USA, Inc., House of Tropicals, Kimmy Koi, Kloubec Koi Farm, Kodama Koi Farm, Koi Pond Supply of Japan, Inc., Litek Composites Corp., Mazuri Koi Diets, SeaGate Filters Inc., Sugarloaf Koi Farm, TOMiGAi Koi Food, Quality Koi Co.

Pond Displays:
Ichiban Ponds, Newtown, Pennsylvania
Stephen’s Aquatic Services, Chadds Ford, PA

Last, but certainly not least, many thanks to all our loyal MAKC Koi America 2010 volunteers. You are the best.

The MAKC Executive Committee will be re-evaluating all aspects of our annual koi show to make it both financially viable and to increase the “fun” factor for all participants. And, we plan to be back next year. Please direct all suggestions to MAKC President Ellie Cooper at mamakoi@verizon.net.

Thank you once again for all your support of MAKC.


MAKC Executive Committee

Ellie Cooper, President

Bruce Levine, Vice-President

Nicole Lembke, Secretary

Carolyn Broussard, Treasurer

Koi America 2010 Event Chair Susan Boland

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