Kodama Koi Food Grows Champion Koi

Published on July 16, 2021

Kodama Koi Food Color Up and All Season shipments have just arrived from Japan, to be sold for both wholesale and online at https://www.kodamakoisupply.com/koi-food/.

Manda Fu is also now back in stock! Some call it koi crack because this irresistible and highly digestible koi food is great for feeding your koi all year round. The formula includes a popular Japanese health supplement, Manda Nishiki, to improve health and the lustrous color of your koi, all while feeding them from the palm of your hand. If you enjoy the time spent feeding and petting your koi, you will want to have Manda Fu on hand year rounTaro Kodama of Kodama Koi Farm explains, “Our koi food recipes were developed by my father and koi expert Mamoru Kodama, founder of Kodama Koi Farm. ColorUp is designed to enhance the color and health of koi scales because it includes high quality spirulina. All Season/Wheat Germ is formulated for maximum koi growth and health, and its digestibility will allow you to feed your koi all year round.”

Excellent koi fish are produced with the best food, pond supplies, and koi lineage. The Kodama family brings 50 years of experience to improve your koi pond inventory, business, hobby & overall japanese koi care knowledge. The family recommends using the same koi food products that Kodama Koi Farm feeds to their koi, if you purchase your koi from Kodama koi ponds, to have the best results in color and growth.

Hi Silk 21 is another popular koi food used to produce a beautiful champion-grade sheen in the colors of Japanese koi and a silky white shiroji. The growth rates of Nishikigoi have also been noticeably faster than other high protein foods, without causing the stomach of Nishikigoi to bulge and harm the body conformation. This is the same food used to grow many Kodama Champion Koi fish.

The company’s flagship products Kodama Koi Food All Season and ColorUp are available in floating pellets, in both medium and large sizes. Also available, is the very popular Hi Silk and they are now featuring Hikari Wheat Germ Koi Food. Many varieties of high-quality koi food are now back in stock and available online for producing the most beautiful koi fish from Japan.

Also available by Kodama is the “Koi Food Guide” blog which outlines the details of selecting koi food, important ingredients, storing tips, and the best types of koi food for growth and color.

Visit https://kodamakoisupply.com for all Kodama Koi Food options and also visit https://www.kodamakoifarm.com/wholesale/ for wholesale koi food and bulk orders.

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