Kodama Koi Academy Releases Online Seminar Videos

Published on August 28, 2021

Taro and Mamoru Kodama have released a new series of online educational seminars developed as an English resource for all koi lovers across the world.

Each hour-long presentation is designed to cover important topics for koi hobbyists to master along their journey in koi and pond management. Originally, this type of information was only available in person or in book format, but it is now available online from Kodama, with both free and paid video content. You can view all Kodama Koi Academy videos at www.kodamakoifarm.com/shop/koi-academy/. Kodama Koi Academy is designed to mimic the previous in-person events, and it is free of charge if you attend the live webinar. The edited recording is then posted for purchase after the seminar.

At the time of this release, Koi Academy had released nine videos, with six weeks focusing on different varieties and three weeks of educational seminars on the topics of Koi Food, Water Quality and Koi Diseases.

The academy will continue to release new paid and free content for hobbyists throughout the year, so people can improve their koi knowledge from anywhere in the world. Each Koi Academy video is sold for $10 and can be streamed through the Kodama website.

Mamoru Kodama started Kodama Koi Academy with three important guides to help hobbyists. These books are available at www.kodamakoisupply.com for more in-depth learning: Kokugyo 1, Kokugyo 2 and Kokugyo 3.

Taro Kodama has also recorded and released seven Koi Talk videos, which include an hour-long interview and presentation featuring top Japanese koi breeders. Koi Talk recordings are available for free on their website: www.kodamakoifarm.com/blog/koi-talk/.

More free educational content by the company has been organized and listed in the Kodama Koi Farm koi articles.

Kodama Koi Farm’s goal is to use the knowledge gained over the past 50 years to educate koi hobbyists and dealers on how to become better koi buyers and how to take better care of their koi. We also spread the joy of koi keeping through education and helping the koi-keeping community grow. Contact info@kodamakoifarm.com for questions and support.

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