Kodama Adds More Digital Koi Experiences with 1st Virtual Kodama Koi Show, Niigata Koi Tour, and Koi Talk Series

Published on November 10, 2020

Mamoru Kodama, the founder of Kodama Koi and his son Taro Kodama’s main goal is to bring the joy of Japanese koi to America and with the development of a strong online platform with koi auction, koi requests, and fixed price koi the Kodama team has continued to focus on online orders. Now they are working to build more online experiences to help hobbyists learn about keeping Nishikigoi and really expanding their involvement in the community.

In October, Kodama Koi Farm launched the 1st Virtual Kodama Koi Show as a way to conduct koi shows online, during the pandemic and build more of a community, within hobbyists across the nation. While less shows are happening across the world, it is an opportunity for anyone in the USA to enter photos, videos, names and descriptions about their favorite koi to enter the competition.

This virtual koi show has awards, plaques, and even prizes from sponsors for their favorite koi. The show is officially judged by two well known Japanese breeders, Futoshi Mano from Dainichi Koi Farm and Mitsunori Isa from Isa Koi Farm. There are 5 different size categories from 10 to 28 + inches and 10 different koi variety categories. Users who want to participate in the event, but don’t have a koi to enter, can upvote their favorite koi to crown the People’s Award.

Registration for the koi show is $5 and will be open until November 25th 2020. On December 9th, 2020 the koi show participants will all gather for the Award Ceremony & Judges Seminar. The show is sponsored by Hi Silk 21, JPD Koi Food, Nualgi Ponds, Rinko Magazine who will be providing prizes for winners. The major winners will be published in Rinko magazine, the Japanese Koi magazine!

The show is not the only virtual event that the Kodama team has developed this year. The Koi Talk Series of behind the scenes interviews with famous Japanese Koi breeders, hosted by Taro Kodama, has had meeting sizes of over 55+ people for over 1.5 hrs in a zoom chat. He has interviewed, asked questions, and introduced koi hobbyists to Shinoda, Kanno, Dainichi, Omosako, and Isa Koi Farms.

For the 2020 trip, Taro hosted a Virtual Niigata Koi Tour by publishing live videos on Facebook with over 50,000 combined impressions for the videos of Japanese breeder farms.  Followers were able to see koi before being available for sale on the website and contact the team to order koi directly from the breeders.

“For many years, I have been traveling to Japan in October with guests, for the ultimate koi buying experience, but this year could not take any guests due to travel restrictions. We had to get creative and it actually made the event even more accessible to everyone by publishing the tour live on social media. I hope more people will join our digital experiences in the future and spread the joy of koi with their friends and family.” said Taro Kodama.

Kodama Koi Farm is the largest importer and distributor of high quality Japanese Nishikigoi in the United States. Kodama koi are raised with care, love, and fed the highest quality koi food in similar conditions to the Niigata region. Started in 1967, when Mamoru Kodama founded Miyoshiike Co., Ltd. in Japan, and Kodama Koi now decades later, serves koi lovers around the world from HI, NJ, FL, and NY, with a proud commitment to quality.

To view or enter the koi show, visit this URL – https://kodamakoishow.com/

To watch the recorded Koi Talk Series, visit this URL – https://www.kodamakoifarm.com/blog/koi-talk/

To follow Kodama Koi Farm on Facebook and watch the virtual koi tour videos, visit this URL – https://www.facebook.com/KodamaKoiFarm

To request a koi from Japan, visit this URL – https://www.kodamakoifarm.com/request-a-koi/

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