Kelly Billing has partnered with Splash Supply to form Splash Plants

Aquatic plant guru Kelly Billing and the pond and stream experts behind Splash Supply Company are proud to introduce Splash Plants, a new adventure in wholesale plants serving nurseries, garden centers and landscapers. We’ve started with a select list of trusted performers and will be adding plants based on your needs. Feel free to speak up and let us know what you are looking for. Contract growing will be our specialty!

Large projects? Need planning help? Our team has you covered. Take your projects from ordinary to extraordinary with plans and plants chosen specifically to suit the site.

Our long-term goal is to bring in and highlight new, underutilized and lesser-known plants, along with the resources to help you understand how to use them in the best way possible. Making you look good makes us look good.

Meet the Team

Kelly has gained a reputation as one of the top experts in the industry, landing speaking engagements everywhere from Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens to China’s world-renowned lotus festivals. She has participated in research projects with organizations like the U.S. Department of Agriculture and University of Maryland, co-authored two books – “The Lotus: Know It and Grow It” and “The Water Gardener’s Bible” – and regularly writes for trade magazines like Pond Trade and Ponds USA. Kelly also serves on the board of the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society and diligently tends to invasive aquatic species updates.

Mark and Becky Willoughby, owners of Splash Supply Company, started designing and installing relaxing, eco-friendly landscapes across York County, Pennsylvania in 1989. They now boast the largest pond design garden and retail store in the region, serving everyone from homeowners to contractors. Mark and Becky have a long and successful history in the water garden trade – not only because of their design/build experience, but also because they work hard at teaching everyone from do-it-yourselfers to industry contractors how to do the job the right way. They know their stuff!

We will offer something that no one else in the industry has: plant tags that direct your customers to an informational website with your unique branding.

Customers will simply scan a QR code on the tag of a specific plant, enter in your assigned store code, then be redirected to a custom website with your logo and colors that tells them all about the plant. The information comes from our experts, but your customers only see your branding. How cool is that? Scan the code to the left with your smartphone’s camera or QR code reader and enter Store Code 1800 to see a demo site.


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    We are so excited!!!!!!

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