Kasco Launches New LED Lighting Packages for Fountains & Aerators

Published on January 30, 2016

Kasco Marine, a leading manufacturer of aeration, fountain, de-icing and water-mixing solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of stainless steel and composite LED lighting packages for their industry-leading fountains and aerators.

Stainless Steel LED Light Fixtures

web_Kasco-Marine-LED-Light-FixturesKasco’s new stainless steel LED lights feature increased brightness and a reliable, durable
design. Rated at nearly 1,700 lumens per fixture, these warm, white stainless steel lights are over three times brighter than
Kasco’s current composite option, providing excellent
illumination to any 1/2-7.5HP Kasco Fountain or Aerator. At only 19 watts per fi
xture, the power consumption is a fraction of other lights on the market. These lights are available in multiple power cord lengths up to 500 ft. Modeled around extensive in-field testing and market research, these lights are engineered with an extremely w
ear-resistant design. With a corrosion-resistant housing and cap, a polycarbonate lens, and fixtures designed to minimize water entry points, these lights will withstand the test of time and add years of enjoyment to the water display. These stainless steel lights are certified to both UL and CSA standards.

Composite LED Light Fixtures

Kasco is excited to also introduce our new composite LED lights. At up to 35% brighter than the existing composite LED lights, these lights provide enhanced illumination to any 1/2-7.5HP Kasco Fountain or Aerator and are available in classic white, amber, red, green, or blue. Featuring a strong, durable design, these lights have thick outer-walls for protection in the most demanding applications and UV-protected, engineering-grade resins for enhanced service life. These lights are available in multiple power cord lengths up to 500 ft. Kasco’s new composite lights feature an integrated cap and lens, an internally sealed circuit, and a sealed-fixture power cord dramatically limiting the potential for water entry. These new fixtures can also be 100% retrofitted with the existing fixtures meaning there is no need to change the power cord, they are drop-in replaceable, and customers can replace one light or the entire set. All existing hardware is compatible.

Kasco’s new stainless steel and composite LED lights are competitively priced, while offering a lower total-life cost of ownership due to less power and maintenance required. Both are offered in 3 and 6 fixture kits. These systems are now available through Kasco’s vast distribution network.

For more information, visit www.KascoMarine.com or call (715) 262-4488.

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