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July / August, 2014

By POND Content Network

Published on July 26, 2014

PondTradeMag-Jul-Aug-14Publishers’ Perspective

I know what you are thinking. Wait a minute … who is that person in the excavator?! Do not worry; there is nothing wrong with your glasses. That is indeed your POND Trade Publisher behind the wheel of a Bobcat!

No, I’m not considering a career change. That photo is one of many taken a few weekends ago when POND Trade Editor Peter Celauro and I got to experience the Super Bowl of pond build projects. At the Koi Whisperer Sanctuary in St. Charles, Ill., a dream team of pond professionals from around the globe donated their time, energy and expertise to build the Rolana Tankus Fox Healing Koi Pond. When I wasn’t working (O.K., playing around) in the Bobcat, it was amazing to see all the pieces of this state-of-the-art puzzle come together. And once the final stones were in place, it was wonderful to hear the sweet sounds of altruism as the waterfall began to flow.

If you’re itching to read the story behind this unique, collaborative project, stay tuned; we’ll be running our comprehensive coverage of the build (and the impending christening ceremony) in our November/December issue.

For now, the issue in your hands holds plenty of pond construction goodness to whet your appetite! Cash French explains the amazing effect that “spirit of place” can have on a water feature on page 8, and on page 20 AJ Hetzke demonstrates how pond lighting can create a multi-dimensional experience that enchants viewers around the clock.

Speaking of the clock, Benjamin Timmermans offers a glimpse into the future on page 26 with his fascinating story on drones and pond photography. (Benjamin’s stunning drone photo graces the cover of the issue — and he’s also the one giving me Bobcat instructions in the shot above — so you know he’s great with technology!)

Koi lovers will find plenty of tasty content in this issue as well. Kent Wallace outlines the specific characteristics that distinguish a normal pond from a koi pond on page 46. On page 38, Taro Kodama takes a close look at Hikari Moyo, a koi variety that glimmers with a metallic sheen. And for those readers who prefer flora to fish, page 34 offers an eye-opening glimpse at what can happen when invasive plant species are released into the wild.

While I had a blast in the Bobcat, the real magic of my day at the Koi Whisperer Sanctuary was watching talented people work generously for a wonderful cause. As I’ve published this 
magazine, I’ve come to feel that kindness like theirs is the hallmark of our industry. And in reading this issue, I’m sure you’ll feel it too.

Happy PONDering

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