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July / August, 2013

By POND Content Network

Published on July 26, 2013

PondTradeMag-Jul-Aug-13Publishers’ Perspective

As you can see by the cover, the focus of this issue is rocks— and lots of them! You’ll find three articles that illustrate the role rocks can play in your water features, each from an established authority with real experience turning clients into happy customers. For those who prefer flora, David Curtwright has written a detail-rich review of the genus Ludwigia, and business owners won’t want to miss Karen Leland’s feature on Pinterest.

Finally, we bid Tom Graham a very fond farewell on page 37. After over 20 years in magazines, the Grahams are vacating their editorial and ad sales roles to pursue a more relaxing lifestyle. I can’t say for certain what they’re planning next … but I’m sure you won’t find them far from a pond.

I am so excited to be taking the reins of such an informative and well-loved magazine. In the months that I’ve been involved with POND Trade, I’ve learned that it is not only a valuable resource, but the cornerstone of a thriving community of passionate hobbyists and professionals. Tom and Cindy have built a strong reputation with fascinating and useful content from industry experts, and it is my goal and privilege to continue that tradition in the issues to come.
I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better. I want to hear what topics you’d like to know more about and would like to see in this magazine. Please feel free to call me at 888 356-9895 or 708 873-1921, or email me at llgelles@pondtrademag.com.

There’s a lot of PONDering on the road ahead, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. Rock on!

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