July / August, 2012

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Published on July 26, 2012

PondTradeMag-Jul-Aug-12What’s Next for the IPPCA, with the NAPP Merger?

The industry now has one trade association – the International Professional Pond Companies of America (IPPCA). NAPP has closed up shop, and has announced it will consolidate into IPPCA. As of this writing, the details of how that will happen are yet to be announced, but one thing is clear, NAPP is done. So what does that mean for our industry? For one, companies will no longer be asked to support two associations or decide between them. Consolidation of resources was clearly the driving force behind this change, and that is for the good, certainly. One tradeshow to exhibit at and attend, one set of dues instead of two. One vision and one mission are all improvements of note.

What will make this change truly noteworthy however will be the industry’s response. Will the NAPP leadership and membership get behind IPPCA with their efforts and dollars? Will those on the sidelines, unhappy about two associations, now come forward and get involved? Will industry leaders who have not yet supported either association finally pick up the phone and add their years of experience and resources to the one trade association whose sole interest is the betterment of our shared livelihoods? I hope so.

Ask yourself this: Would the pond trade be better, as a whole, if you offered to share your knowledge and experience with others in the business? Do you have an idea of what a trade association could do that would make a real difference in the lives and businesses of others in this industry? Could you commit a bit of time and/or dollars to improve the way our industry functions? Doesn’t it make business sense to find out?

If you do nothing more than buy a membership, you can feel like you are giving something back to the industry that provides you a livelihood. But consider what more you can do. Pick up the phone and call John Olson, Chairman, at 706-865-0220, and see if there isn’t a way you can plug in, and help move IPPCA and thus our industry forward into the challenging and promising future we all envision.

Now, the next question is, will NAPP leadership and membership move their loyalty and support to IPPCA? I hope so. IPPCA has offered free membership to current NAPP members, as would be hoped. They have enhanced their leadership team in order to represent manufacturers, growers, retailers and distributors better. Now it is time for the industry to step up, and help this group of volunteers grow IPPCA to the “next level.” There is much to be done, and much to gain for all.

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