July / August, 2011

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Planning for the Fall and Winter

Hard to believe we already need to be planning for the Fall and Winter seasons. Pond Pro Shop of Kikapoo, Oklahoma, shares with you two programs they have launched that have helped increase sales in November and December – a “Pond Dollar Promotion” and their new “Christmas Store.”

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between up lighting, moonlighting and floodlighting? Another great add-on to a pond project is to light up the night. Mike Garcia will help you understand 10 different techniques used in Garden Lighting, as well as a few other useful tips. Several of our advertisers now have lighting kits that are easy to install and will add instant dimension to any pond or water feature. Be sure not to miss out on lighting opportunities.

Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery shows you, step-by-step, an inexpensive, quick way to make fountains out of glazed pottery – another quick add-on sale to a pond project. You can suggest adding one of these fountains near your client’s front door, to bring the wonderful sound of water from the backyard to center stage.

For more on the wonderful sounds of water, read the excerpt from “The R.I.S.E. Method,” starting on page 18. It is all about adding audible dimensions to waterfalls. Thank you to Rick Bartel for sharing this chapter from his book in this issue.

There are four more great articles that every business can learn from, touching on customer loyalty and naming new products, to overcoming adversity and being on TIME. Take a look at the table of contents and then jump in and start reading. You don’t want to miss anything.

One more thing to be planning for right now is what events you are going to attend this year. There are several great events coming up including Pondemonium, Pond Expo, and InfoTanza. Check with your distributors and manufactures and see if they have any events too. If you hear of an event that is not in our “Upcoming Events” section, please let us know so we can add it. (Send events and press releases to Cindy@pondtrademag.com.)

And please, remember to thank our advertisers and authors who help make this magazine possible.


Are You Always Late? 7 Tips To Arrive On Time

For some, timeliness can be a real challenge. There is just so much to do. But customers don’t like it when you are late–so what can you do if you find you are often running late. Gretchen explains seven commonMore...

BUSTED, Naming a new product? Be sure you do your homework.

Don’t learn the hard way. Joe Pawlak helps guide you on what to do and not do when naming your business or a new product. He speaks from experience here. Learn the difference between a trademark and a copyright. WhenMore...

Overcoming Adversity: The Aquascape Roof Collapse

What would you do if your world came tumbling in on you–literally? During a difficult winter Aquascape experienced what could have been a devastating blow with the collapse of the huge warehouse roof. How would your company recover from adversityMore...

Growing Customer Loyalty & Your Business

No matter how big you are or how loyal your consumers are, you constantly have to work to nurture those relationships and have continued growth. Planning is critical. What should you be looking for and what you can be doingMore...

10 Techniques in Low Voltage Lighting

Pond builders (and your customers) prefer low voltage lights for most landscape applications due to the ease of installation and for the cost savings due to lower electric usage. Award winning lighting expert gives you a quick overview of outdoorMore...

Sound – Adding Audible Dimensions

When designing a waterfall be sure to take advantage of the knowledge shared here from an excerpt of the book “The R.I.S.E. Method.” Learn the acoustic characteristics of the pond & waterfall and how it affects the audible dimensions ofMore...

Language of Koi – Goshiki Defined

Here is a quick definition of the koi variety Goshiki, which means “Five Colors” in Japanese. Do you know the difference between Old Style and New Style Goshiki? See examples including Gin Rin and Doitsu varieties.

Anoxic Filtration – is it a bog filter? Part 2

Part 2 continues the examination of the benefits of anoxic filtration. Learn what it does and why you may want to incorporate anoxic filtration into your solutions portfolio and future design plans. Designed by Kevin Novak, Ph.D. Includes graphics andMore...

Plumbing Glazed Pottery Into Fountains

Would you like a step-by-step, inexpensive technique that makes for a quick and watertight adaptation of glazed pottery into beautiful fountains? Nelson Water Gardens shows you how. Learn how to use a PVC standpipe. It directs a plume of waterMore...

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