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July / August, 2010

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You Have Choices, We Have Info

Pond contractors and retailers have choices to make. A big one is what brands and classes of products to sell and use. The decisions you make can have a profound impact on your day-to-day business.

POND Sources is our answer. When you are selecting what products to sell, are you considering all that is available? Take Filtration. How do you decide what kind of filtration to recommend and install for your clients? Do you have a variety of solutions for the different needs and wants of your different prospects, or do you decline the sale for clients whose desires don’t fit the product lines you provide? (There is no right or wrong answer here.)

The point is, do you know your options, and are you ok with your limitations?

In this issue, we are Launching POND Sources, a section that focuses on pond equipment and supplies, one category at a time. Included are articles about the products, and contact information for leading manufacturers and distributors that sell those products. This way you know your options. Will this help you bid more jobs, or expand your store inventory? We hope so.

While walking the Hardware Show in Las Vegas recently, we met up with some of the leading manufacturers in our business, so we had to take a moment for a quick snapshot.

Happy selling.

The Key to Any Good Pond is its Filter System

There are many choices when it comes to filters. Here is a road map to help you decide what kind of system to consider, depending on what you are building, your customer’s circumstances, and preferences. Is one type enough orMore...

Selecting the Right Filter Media

What are the important elements to consider in choosing filter media and why. Do you know what Specific Surface Area is? This includes a quick overview of 24 different filter types; the media being used today may amaze you.


Learn about the elements that went into building this monster pond – a 45,000-gal. behemoth in a natural setting with a large waterfall. What was paramount to the owner? Hiding the filter system, among other things. Take a look atMore...

Six Tips for Forcing Yourself to Tackle a Dreaded Task

Don’t let those dreaded tasks hang over your head; they will make you feel drained and uneasy. You can learn to get them done and in the long run you will be much happier. Here are six helpful techniques toMore...

Language of Koi: Kumonryu Change is Good!

Seeing is believing as they say and the Kumonryu (koo – mon –roo) variety of koi is probably the most fascinating of them all. See and learn how Kumonryu (translated means “Nine Crested Dragon”) are different from other koi varieties.

Be Careful of the Plants You Plant Near Your Pond

Be careful what you plant, especially near liner ponds. Roots can do damage to even thick liner. In this case, a variegated water reed grass that has sharp pencil sized spikes, poked holes through a liner causing the pond toMore...

Want More Web Traffic? Content is King – Still!

An in-depth review of how important your website content is. Includes a summary of dos and don’t that you want to do for e-mail campaigns, social media and websites. What is an SEO? Update, update, update your site with qualityMore...

Pond Leaks, Part One: Initial Investigation Techniques

Leaks can be tough to figure out, not only identifying whether there is a leak, but also, finding it. In Part I, our investigation will start with the easily examined causes with a step-by-step locating process. Includes techniques for avoidingMore...

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