January / February, 2013

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At INFO-TANZA in Florida we hope you had a chance to meet Lora Lee Gelles, POND Trade Magazine’s newest team member. She had a great time and met many wonderful people during the four-day event. Lora Lee has a degree in art, 20 years experience in the publishing industry as an art director, graphic designer and copy editor, and loves to travel like we do.

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As we enter 2013, it is important to take a moment, and focus on our course forward. POND Trade Magazine remains committed to providing you the best information and resources available, to help you with your pond and water feature business. Please let us know how we can help you this year.

Pond-building – Ladies Day

Dirt Don’t Hurt – and pink was the theme of the day. With 57 ladies in attendance everyone had a chance to see that Ladies can build a water feature! Each attendee received a gift sack with a tee shirt,More...

Basic Business Entities Explained

Quickly learn about the different business entities that are available to the businesses in the pond industry. You have heard them before – Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, and Corporation. There are tax benefits/detriments to each of them. What will fitMore...

INFO-TANZA has Great Event in Orlando

The industry association, IPPCA, met in Orlando in November to elect officers, attend seminars and meet with manufacturers at the large tradeshow held in conjunction with the IA. It was a four-day event and filled to the brim. See whoMore...

MAP Pricing Debate – In Depth

MAP, yes it can lead to a heated debate. John Olson tries to give a broad, yet in-depth overview of this hot topic. What is MAP? It is Minimum Advertised Pricing. MAP is not MSRP, short for Manufacturer Suggested RetailMore...

Get Your Customers Involved with Their Pond Leaks

You know this spring you are going to have customers, old and new, call you about the dreaded “pond leak.” Be prepared to answer their questions in a way that gets them involved in the solution and helps you chargeMore...

Waterlily of the Year 2012 Winners

Tropical Punch and Kiss the Sky are two of the new waterlilies introduced at the IWGS New Waterlily Competition that you will want to see and know. They were selected as Best New Waterlily and 2nd Best New Waterlily inMore...

Product of the Year 2012 Announced

The Product of the Year 2012 competition yielded two outstanding winners, one in each major category – Pond Equipment and Pond Product. Each is a new and unique addition to the industry. See who won here.

Language of Koi – Hikari Utsuri

Hikari means metallic, thus Hikari Utsuri is an Utsuri with a metallic sheen to the scales and skin. It is often hard to find good examples of this variety, so when you see one be sure to buy it. TheMore...

Overwintering Pond Fish Indoors

In some cases it makes since to move pond fish indoors over the winter. You do have three basic options for overwintering fish beyond letting them fend for themselves outdoors: add supplemental heat, build a greenhouse-like structure over the pondMore...

Pond Construction with Concrete

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