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January / February, 2012

By POND Content Network

Published on January 26, 2012

PondTradeMag-Jan-Feb-12Publishers’ Perspective

Keeping your business fresh and vibrant in 2012 could be key to your success and growth. People are always intrigued with what’s new. What was exciting three years ago is passé now. As you plan for your 2012 year, you might want to make a point of searching out a crop of new products to add to your offerings. This provides you the perfect excuse to contact prior customers, letting them know you are thinking about them, and are interested in how they and their pond are doing. Take the opportunity to recall the enjoyment when their ponds were new. Ask about what they enjoy most, and if they are having any problems. They might be up for a new filter that is easy to clean, or additional filtration, as their fish have grown since the pond was new. Tell them about products that have come on the market since they built their pond, and how they could enhance the enjoyment of their pond.

In this issue we present a great list of new products for you to consider. Take a look at the winners of the POND Trade Magazine Product of the Year Challenge, starting on page 16. Also see details on all entrants at https://www.pondtrademag.com/productoftheyear/2011/winners/ here. If you can’t find something exciting and new to add to your product line, I would be very surprised.

Have a great 2012.

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