January / February, 2010

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A look to the new year

2009 is behind us. For some it has been very difficult and are glad we made it through. For others it has been business as usual. From what I hear, talking with business owners around the country at events we have attended, the difference often depends on the type of business they are in, and the economic climate in their local regions. The majority reported an uptrend towards the end of season, and are cautiously hopeful for better times this year.

With this first issue of the New Year we are focusing on the aspects of retailing. We bring you critical information on avoiding leaks in profitability through difficult problems such as hidden fees from credit card companies, and losses due to theft and shrinkage. While not fun things to consider, saving wasted profits is vital to the survival and growth of every business.

To balance the daunting nature of these two articles, we have two stories about powering up your retail sales – Improve Retailing Systems to Increase Sales; Mom Says To Play Nice; and then a website exclusive article Thinking of Starting a Pond Shop.

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In the past couple of months I attended Info Tanza near Atlanta and the International Pool and Spa Expo in

Las Vegas. Info Tanza was a good event, with high quality presentations, congratulations to IPPCA. The pool and spa expo provided a great venue to find high quality cross-over products that could well fill a need in our industry. Watch future issues for new product announcements, and Trade News for press releases.

I will be heading out to the National Association of Pond Professionals (NAPP) Water Feature Conference and Expo the end of February. Hope to see you there.

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Improve Retailing Systems to Increase Sales

In-depth article about holding systems and tips about retailing. Includes some simple fixes that are sure-fire ways to increase sales and average invoice size. There are many steps to being successful in business, learn them here the easy way, notMore...


Credit card interchange and processing fees are pulling money out of retailers’ pockets. What can you do to avoid getting taken? Includes details on fees retailers should watch for and scrutinize closely.

Dealing with Theft in Your Business

‘Fidelity’ Losses: Prevent, Protect, Insure & Recover – Read expert tips on preventing theft and embezzlement. Plus – how to deal with insurance and taxes if it happens. Learn the steps you should take when there is a problem, includingMore...

The Use of Color in Ponds

Regardless of the situation, there is a plant, or a combination of plants, that will fill any void with color and interest in a water garden. Our plant expert goes into great detail about the many plants that are available,More...

Language of Koi – Glossary

When your customer comes into the store and says, “I want a Tancho Sanke,” do you know what that means? Do you know what beni, matsuba, shiro, tosai, yodan Kohaku means? As the professional, you need to know these JapaneseMore...

Mom Says You Should Play Nice

Here are reminders of simple things that your Mom taught, such as “don’t interrupt.” With the start of a new year, it’s time to revisit the top 10 rules of communication. Included are tips on how to strengthen your ProfessionalMore...

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