IWGS Announces 2009 Winners

Published on September 11, 2009

## Congratulations to the 2009 Winners Best New Waterlily 

**Best Tropical Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Tanzanite’
hybridized by Florida Aquatic Nurseries

**Second Best Tropical Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Hot Pink’
hybridized by Florida Aquatic Nurseries

**Best Hardy Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Cliff Tiffany’
hybridized by Fourth Generation Nursery

**Second Best Hardy Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Cyprus Pink Star’
hybridized by Andreas Protopapas

## 2009 People Choice Awards

The third annual People’s Choice Awards for the International Waterlily Competition is complete. The results were compiled by Tamara Kilbane of Duke Gardens.

They had a total of 1,675 votes this year in the public voting. We want to congratulate the winners and thank all of those who voted on the Duke website.

The winner’s are as follows.

**Best Tropical Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Tanzanite’
hybridized by Florida Aquatic Nurseries

**Second Best Tropical Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Silver Moon’
hybridized by Louis Belloisy

**Best Hardy Waterlily**
Nymphaea ‘Rattana Ubol’
hybridized by Pairat Songpanich

**Second Best Hardy Waterlily**
Hybrid 2007 – 1
hybridized by Andreas Protopapas

Once again, congratulations to the winners in both contests. We want to thank you for participating. Please keep hybridizing and pushing the envelope for new and interesting material for the world to admire. We look forward to next year’s contest.

Duke Gardens is a public non-profit botanical garden with no admission fees that is supported by public donations. They are affiliated with Duke University and had over 300,000 visitors to their gardens in 2006. The visitors are presently enjoying a beautiful display of waterlilies in the 40,000 gallon Virtue Peace Pond. They grow the hybrid Longwood Victoria, Euryale ferox, and about 30+ other varieties of waterlilies, as well as an array of marginal aquatics. They also maintain two other ponds that contain a broad range of waterlilies and marginal plants.

Their staff includes qualified, experienced waterlily growers, including Tamara Kilbane. Tamara has six years of experience working in the water gardening industry. She is also a freelance garden writer and photographer who has published articles promoting the New Waterlily Contest. John Wyman has been growing waterlilies for 12 years and works as a volunteer at Duke Gardens, where he started the waterlily program in 1997. He also works as a professional photographer. Both are qualified to grow the new hybrids for the IWGS, take quality photos, and support this IWGS effort. These professionals are also assisted by several Duke Gardens interns, the rest of the Duke Gardens Staff, and several volunteers. They are all serious about making this competition a success every year. This year is such an example.
They have proven they are a well-qualified and motivated team. The IWGS give their whole hearted thanks to Sarah P Duke Botanical Gardens and their staff for making the IWGS 2009 Waterlily Competition a success.

International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society
Phone: (540) 337-9344 | Fax: (540) 337-0738 | info@iwgs.org

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