Italian Lighting Redefines “Farmhouse Modern Meets Rustic Chic” Collection

Published on March 30, 2011

**Italian Lighting Designer Aldo Bernardi Redefines His Signature “Farmhouse Modern Meets Rustic Chic” Collections with Le Magie dell’ Elefante**

*Indoor/outdoor lighting with vintage Italian charm goes casual*

Italian lighting designer Aldo Bernardi redefines his signature ‘Farmhouse Modern-meets-Rustic Chic’ aesthetic with a new casual collection named Le Magie dell’ Elefante (The Tricks of the Elephant). Launching early 2011, this new line addresses the current demand for sophisticated yet relaxed comfort in the luxury market. Le Magie dell’ Elefante is the designer’s newest addition to his time-honored Classic Collections: Gli Ottoni, L’ Impianto, Le Alte Vie and I Classici in Ceramica.

Like all Aldo Bernardi lighting, Le Magie dell’ Elefante is designed and manufactured in a small village located northwest of Venice, Italy, in an area renowned for its traditional artisan cottage industries. Le Magie offers everything expected of Aldo Bernardi products: top quality, designs that blend the past with the present need for practicality, versatility, and handcrafted manufacturing but it comes at a more economical price point, which allows for stretching today’s tight budgets. All pieces have been adapted for use in the North American market.

Using local resources like porcelain, brass and copper, Aldo Bernardi has spent the last 30 years producing classically detailed, hand-finished lighting and wiring systems for indoors and outdoors that hark back to bygone eras yet pick up on the design craze for an industrial look with a “living finish”. To give the Aldo Bernardi products their “aged” patina, the brass and copper components are subjected to a manual process in which natural oxidation is accelerated and then stabilized with smooth layers of bees wax. Aldo Bernardi lighting is tradition based but modern. It is suited for a cabin in the mountains, a farmhouse in Connecticut, or a city loft in New York.

Le Magie dell’ Elefante consists of three collections: Alba (daybreak), Punti di Luce (bright spots) and Opere (opera’s). Mythically, the elephant has been a symbol of wisdom, strength, reliability and longevity and this new casual lighting line by Bernardi reflects these merits with its durability and steadfastness.

About Aldo Bernardi:
Established in the early 70’s and located northwest of Venice, Italy in an area renowned for its traditional artisan cottage industries based on the availability of rich natural resources Aldo Bernardi designs and produces his signature Farmhouse Modern Collections. This local craftsmanship is strongly reflected in Aldo’s lighting lines. Even today, in spite of the ever increasing demand for his light fixtures, the complexity of his designs and the implementation of an advanced quality control system, his production still relies on handcrafted manufacturing. He continues to create top quality products that blend the past with today’s need for practicality, resulting in a wide range of interior and exterior fixtures in sophisticated combinations of porcelain, stoneware, brass, copper and glass. They show to full advantage in a variety of settings: residential and commercial, traditional and contemporary.


Three Collections:

Alba (daybreak)

This collection is inspired by the gentle light changes in the sky, when the night makes place for the day. It is a collection of ceramic interior pendants and sconces. The pendants, with the twisted cloth covered cord, are reminiscent of times when tradition, and not technology, ruled our lives.

Punti di Luce (bright spots)

The name of this collection refers to the celestial bodies that shed their light on earth: the constellations and their brightest stars. The collection consists of pendants, pendants with counter weights, sconces and ceiling mounts for interior use and use in covered outdoor areas. It is basically a ceramic line with some brass components.

Opere (opera’s)

The light fixtures in this collection bear the names of another great product of Italian culture: the opera’s composed by Verdi and Puccini. The Opera collection includes a wide range of pendants, sconces, street lanterns and path/garden lights in aged copper and brass, for interior and exterior applications.

Along with the Aldo Bernardi Classic Lines, Le Magie will be represented nationally and be available through, amongst others, the William Switzer showrooms in California and the Charles Pollock showroom in Chicago. In North America, Ollier Distributors Inc. is the official and exclusive marketing and sales agent for Aldo Bernardi.

Please visit the website for representatives and for viewing the online catalogues. Hi resolution images and samples for photography available upon request. For more information, call 317-634-5000.

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