IPPCA Waterscaping Pavilion and Seminars at GIE+EXPO Hardscapes Show

Published on August 13, 2015

The IPPCA is pleased to announce that the IPPCA Waterscaping Pavilion will be anchoring the North Hall of the GIE+EXPO/OPEI/Hardscapes North America tradeshow iPR_ippca_webn Louisville Kentucky on October 21-23, 2015.

This, the largest Trade Show of its kind in the country, is a boon to everyone in the pond industry, from the vendors who display, to the dealers and distributors who network, to the contractors who attend, whether window shopping or looking for the next profitable upgrade or diversification in their business portfolio.

For Vendors, this venue offers a huge number of potential customers, vastl
y more than have attended past shows. Projections are calling for approximately 18000 attendees, a fifteen-fold increase relative to approximately 1100 who attended the 2014 Irrigation Show, where we have had the Pavilion the last four years. See below for IPPCA membership discount rates on booths.

For contractors, this show is designed for YOU! With over 450,000, that’s right, 450 thousand square feet of indoor booths and displays. But wait, it gets even better, because there is an even larger outdoor display area that includes every type of power equipment you can image, and some that you never dreamed of, many offering hands-on training and test driving!!! For pond and green industry contractors, this is the ultimate show of the year, and the IPPCA Waterscaping Pavilion will be proudly anchoring the North Hall of the show with Pond Industry specific booths, products and more.

For dealers and distributors, this is also an excellent match. With more networking and opportunities to meet with both your suppliers and your customers at this show than anywhere else, the GIE+EXPO Show is unparalleled in the Green Industry!

IPPCA Members can look forward to discounts on booth space! Our Bronze Level members will be required to pay full book price on their booth space. However, Silver Level corporate members will be eligible for a 10% discount and Gold Level corporate members will be eligible to receive a 15% discount on booth space rental!!! Any Bronze level member may upgrade their membership to take advantage of this offer without penalty if done by September 1st. A great way to benefit yourself and the industry, upgrade your corporate membership today!

For more information, or to register, go to:


For more information on how to join IPPCA, go to:



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