IPPCA to Reassign Officers

Published on March 24, 2014

The Board of the IPPCA met to reassign officers upon receiving the resignation and retirement of the President, Rocke’ Huntington for health reasons.

According to the current Bylaws all officers remaining positions are filled from the Board at Large. The Board accepted the nominations of Mark Gibson, Pieter van Westervelt and Gloria Jones to the Board at Large. We would like to take this opportunity to thank these members for stepping up and volunteering for these important positions.

Dave Jones, as the former President Elect is now the President. Valerie Steele of Savio has moved up from Treasurer to President Elect. Mark Lawson moved from the Board at Large to the Vice President. Gloria Jones moved from the Board at Large to the position of Treasurer. This now fills all of the officer’s positions of the executive committee except the position of past president, which Rocke has informed us his health will not allow him to fill. We will all miss Rocke’s presence here in the IPPCA and the pond industry at large. We offer our thoughts and prayers for Rocke’ in this challenging time in his life and ask that you do the same.

**Other Business of Note:**
The upcoming 10th anniversary INFO TANZA was also discussed. We are excited with the slate of speakers coming together for this year’s event. We feel that INFO TANZA 2014 will be the Pond industry’s best ever event. Speakers from all aspects of the industry will be featured at two days of dual track short courses and seminars. The IPPCA Pond and Waterscape pavilion will be back on the main show floor and many are already asking us what surprises are in store for the main water feature display.

We also discussed the situation in Wyoming. It appears they are developing state rights versus federal on stock ponds that is involving our old friend the EPA. We will be keeping in continued contact with the landowner and local officials to see where this goes from here.

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