IPPCA Gains Support of NAPP Membership

Published on May 22, 2012

On Wednesday May 15th the IPPCA (International Professional Pond Companies Association) accepted the membership base of the NAPP (National Association of Pond Professionals) in an attempt to unify the industry.

The IPPCA, based in Woodstock GA, has agreed to honor the current membership levels of all paid NAPP members. According to IPPCA president John Olson, „This move, in one bold stroke, unites the pond industry and sends a message to everyone that their interests will be represented by a single trade organization open to all‰.

Mike White, IPPCA Senior Vice President adds, „In the coming weeks and months the IPPCA will support its newly increased membership base with a series of events promoting greater product knowledge, marketing assistance, and legislative representation.‰   

At this time the IPPCA is working directly with the NAPP board of directors to conduct a smooth transfer of members to the IPPCA roster. Following the successful transfer of members the NAPP will formally dissolve but its president and others will continue to play a crucial role in the betterment of the industry. A personal welcome package is being sent to all NAPP members to help introduce them to the IPPCA. Plans are in the works to personally contact each new IPPCA member to further explain the many benefits and opportunities newly available to them.

Interim NAPP president Warren Thoma stated, „ I accepted this interim position with one single goal in mind ˆ to unify the pond industry and better provide for the people who make their living in it. Today that dream has been fulfilled and our industry members have a united trade association that can represent their interests across the nation and around the world.‰

The IPPCA invites all pond professionals to take a more active role in their industry‚s future. To learn more about the IPPCA and how to ensure our industries continued growth and prosperity please go to www.IPPCA.com or call 770-592-9790 for more information.   

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