Introducing Our New Full High-definition Fixed Lens Camera

Published on August 5, 2010

The OPT-12HD AquariCam® is our third high-definition camera to be introduced this year. The 50-degree fixed lens underwater camera provides full high-definition in either 1080i or 720p formats. It was designed for public aquariums, especially for use in small tanks. Cameras are connected using a single hPoE (High-Power-over-Ethernet, IEEE802.3at compliant) marine-rated cable. With our unique Double-Bore™ sealing system, the OPT-12HD can also be confidently deployed in the ocean to depths of 180 feet (55 meters).

Building on the proven reliability of our other underwater cameras, the OPT-12HD delivers full HD video with an excellent 16:9 picture quality at 30 fps.. The Internet-ready HD camera supports H.264 and Motion-JPEG compression. The imaging system uses a HD-CMOS with approximately 2 million effective pixels.

The AquariCam OPT-12HD is our most affordable underwater camera system.

Please feel free to contact me (Robert at 831-566-3832 or for more information about the capabilities of the AquariCam OPT-12HD or our other HD and standard definition camera systems.

For more information on our HD-PTZ-IP cameras please visit or email:

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