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mastering string algae

Mastering String Algae in Five Steps

This article is an update of an earlier post. Before you can begin mastering string algae, you have to learn to recognize string algae in your pond. String algae is a filamentous (stringy filament) species of plant, and is most often found hanging off the sides of rocks or covering the water’s surface. It can …

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Interactive Pond

Interactive Pond is an Outdoor Classroom

Pond, stream and wetland round out a living, breathing water garden In the early morning hours, a tractor-trailer load of boulders sat quietly on the side of the road. The rugged truck driver was sleeping in the cab after a long night driving from the Appalachian Mountains to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was parked outside …

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recreational pond water quality

How to Maintain Water Quality in Recreational Ponds

Let me begin by stating what this article is not going to cover — a biology lesson and municipal codes. What it will cover is how to maintain water quality in recreational ponds. Following major back surgery in 2008, I was fortunate and healthy enough to pursue my latest passion in my life. For the …

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Forever Pondering – Promoting Your Business


[img:1] Question: I’m looking for new ways to promote my business, do you have any suggestions? Answer: September 26, 2007 […]

Four Steps to Winter Pond Department Planning


As a pond retailer, it is important that you don’t hibernate for the winter. Now is the perfect time to […]

Stock Your Shelves to Create the Need


Developing life-long pond customers requires you to have a firm understanding of the equipment and supplies available. As the expert, […]

Are Golden Orfe Good Pond Fish?


Are you a little bored with goldfish and fed up with the sometimes-destructive behavior of koi? If you are looking […]

Expanding Landscaping into Night Lighting


Nightscaping’s dedication to their partners is the key component in helping partners expand or start their own business. For landscaping […]

POND Trade gallery spotlight

Tax Implications of Disposing of Business Property

It is no surprise that many pond professionals fail to understand the tax ramifications of disposing of business property. Under our current rules, which are often confusing and complex, there are numerous ways to dispose of business assets: selling them, scrapping them, exchanging them for another business asset, or even giving them away, just to […]
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The Retail Rush

By Erin Porter, Hardscape Materials Inc. In the early days of COVID-19 and before life changed dramatically, I was treated to a trip to North Carolina for a seminar on water quality and fish health, which included a visit to a koi farm and dedicated retail pond store. It was a great trip and very […]
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