Help Us Define Best Practices!: An update on the Irrigation Association Water Features & Lake Management Common Interest Group

Published on September 1, 2014

IA_2 Since its launch in May of 2014, the
Irrigation Association’s Water Feature
& Lake Management Common
Interest Group has held two meetings to
define the group’s goals and objectives. The
primary goal of this group is to provide a
forum for stakeholders to develop peerreviewed
best practices for water features
and lake management that promote overall
industry growth and success.

##### The CIG has identified six focus areas: #####

■ Lake management, including containment,
water quality, human/animal and
water-use interface, safety, suggested regulations
and guidelines for municipalities,
sizing guidelines and decorative water

■ Disappearing features, including their
types, construction and maintenance.

■ Water gardens, with a focus on landscape
ponds with plants and fish, including
design, construction, filtration, edge treatments,
fish health and habitat, pump selection
and lighting.

■ Water features, including design,
construction, water flow, treatment and

■ Flora and fauna, including transportation,
adaptation, transplanting and
transferring, temporary housing and

■ Swimming ponds.

##### As the CIG works on defining best practices, members are focused on the following important objectives: #####

■ Considering environmental
components to ensure responsible and
compliant design and construction.

■ Communicating best practices
to regulators and policymakers that
promote responsible use of water and
the benefits of balanced, well-maintained
bodies of water.

■ Educating irrigation practitioners
about this growing field.

■ Establishing regular channels of
communication to engage interested

Creating best practices is a long
process, and the CIG invites all industry
professionals to help with this effort.
The group will host its first face-to-face
meeting at the 2014 Irrigation Show
& Education Conference in Phoenix,
November 17 through 21. CIG meetings
are free and open to all IA members,
and no advance registration is required.

To get involved or learn more about
this group, contact IA Water Features
and Lake Management Chair Paul
Amos ( or IA
Business Development Director Scott
Hersh (;

In addition to the CIG meeting,
the Irrigation Show will include a
pond and waterscape pavilion and
the International Professional Pond
Companies Association’s annual education
conference, INFO TANZA. Visit to learn more
and register.

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