Hanna® Combo Meter for Hydroponics

Published on July 20, 2011

Water-resistant pH/EC/TDS meter specifically designed for agricultural applications such as hydroponics, greenhouses, farming and nurseries. Extra-large LCD clearly displays the parameter being measured as well as calibration instructions. Calibration is fast and easy, with knobs located on the front panel of the instrument.

Measures pH, mS/cm, ppm and 0–60ºC. CAL-CHECK™ feature lets you easily check the probe calibration status at any time. Includes combination probe, starter set of calibration and cleaning solution sachets, check solution sachet battery and instructions. 5.7″ x 3.1″ x 1.5″, weighs 8.1 oz.

Range Resolution Accuracy
Conductivity 0–4.00 mS/cm .01 mS/cm ±2% FS
TDS/Salinity 0–1,999 ppm 1 ppm ±2% FS
pH 0–14.0 .1 ± .1

*This information and image can be found at: http://aquaticeco.com/subcategories/4589/Hanna-Combo-Meter-for-Hydroponics

For more products and information about services visit: AquaticEco.com

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