“Green” your Garden by Recycling Rain with RainPerfect™

Published on April 29, 2011

**New solar-powered pump provides eco-friendly, affordable solution**

(Gloucester, MA.) – With abundant snowfall throughout most of the United States this winter season, now is the best time to “think spring” by planning for a greener garden. In addition to garden design and new plantings, this year is the perfect time to consider ways to “green” your garden through increased environmental efforts. One way to make a big impact is to recycle your rain and turn to the sun. With the new solar-powered RainPerfect™ pump system from Rule® the reality of greening your garden just got easier. The solar RainPerfect pump made its debut in January 2011 and is now available to consumers nationwide for the first time.

RainPerfect offers an easy way to be twice as green by using a solar-powered rain barrel pump to gather “off grid” water.

RainPerfect’s features include:
• A rechargeable NiMH battery, powered by the included solar panel
• Easy and quick top-mount installation, adaptable to most rain barrel styles
• Standardized garden fixturing, ensuring compatibility with all major hose brands
• Pumping up to 100 gallons on a single charge, emptying most standard barrels

“Planning new designs for an existing garden or starting a brand new one is inspiring and fun, individually or for a whole family, especially during the winter doldrums,” said Gina Arnone, Marketing Manager, Innovation Lab, at ITT Flow Control. “This year, we’re encouraging people to try one new ‘green’ initiative for their garden by focusing on water conservation. One of the best alternatives to traditional watering is recycling rain; and, the RainPerfect pump system makes this goal easy and affordable.”

A rain barrel collects water and stores it for when you need to water plants or wash a car. Rain barrels provide an ample supply of free “soft water” containing no chlorine, lime, or calcium making them ideal for gardens, flowers, or potted plants. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a rain barrel can potentially save most homeowners about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months.

Increasingly, these ecologically-minded efforts are being rewarded. With many states mandating rainwater usage, RainPerfect comes at the ideal time. In fact, purchasing a RainPerfect pump and rain barrel may qualify you to receive a rebate from your local service utility company or government. Rebate amounts and qualifications vary by utility company or government and not all may qualify for a rebate. Contact your local utility company or government for qualifications and instructions on how to redeem rebates.

RainPerfect is available online and through select retailers nationwide. RainPerfect retails for approximately $139.00 (MSRP). Visit www.rainperfectpump.com.

**About RainPerfect™**
RainPerfect™ is a solar-powered pump for use with rain barrels. The RainPerfect pump system uses water harvested in rain barrels by providing enough pressure for your garden hose spray nozzle and to run low-pressure sprinklers. It works with solar energy, which eliminates the need for an electrical outlet. RainPerfect is energy efficient and eco-friendly. For more information, visit www.rainperfectpump.com. RainPerfect was developed and produced by ITT Corporation’s Flow Control division.

**About ITT Flow Control**
With an innovative history spanning over 65 years, Gloucester, Massachusetts-based Flow Control is a leading producer of pumps, valves, membranes, and related products for the marine, beverage, general industrial, and developing region markets. The flow control portfolio includes the brands Alcon, Flojet, Jabsco, Midland-ACS, Rule, and PCI. For more information on ITT Flow Control and an archive of its press releases, please visit http://www.ittflowcontrol.com.

**About ITT Corporation**
ITT Corporation is a high-technology engineering and manufacturing company operating on all seven continents in three vital markets: water and fluids management, global defense and security, and motion and flow control. With a heritage of innovation, ITT partners with its customers to deliver extraordinary solutions that create more livable environments, provide protection and safety and connect our world. Headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., the company reported 2010 revenue of $11 billion. www.itt.com.

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