Fish are Chomp´n over PondBuilder´s New Fish Food Formula

Published on January 19, 2013

PondBuilder Manufacturing reformulated their fish food to appeal more to the types of fish food buyers. “All fish foods are not the same and making certain your fish are being fed healthy food can make a difference especially in creating a habitat that lends to reproduction,” said Aaron Scarlata, Business Development Manager for PondBuilder. PondBuilder Sakana Goldfish food has remained the same formula while Sakana Koi-Growth & Color Pellet joins Spring & Autumn Pellet as a new koi food offering for 2013. “Besides a new rich full flavored formula, all the Sakana foods are Nitrogen flushed for maximum freshness.”

Bold black containers with screw lids create an eye-catching shelved product display. PondBuilder Sakana foods remain dry while stored outdoors and can be easily refilled by local suppliers who capture additional revenue from the bulk food program.

Consumers looking for seasonal foods purchase the PondBuilder Sakana Koi- Spring & Autumn Pellet which has just the right amount of proteins, grains and vitamins to leave your favorite scaly friends chomp’n for more, feeling fit and able to swim spring and fall marathons.

Consumers wishing to beef up their grand champion koi select the premium Sakana Growth & Color Pellet which contains no corn filler, just strong proteins, Vitamin C and Spirulina for maximum color enhancement. Minerals for vivid color, proteins for healthy growth and quality ingredients help keep PondBuilder foods a popular choice.

For more information on PondBuilder’s line of tasty, full-bodied foods, log onto

For information on Pondbuilder products and programs, Partner with us at or call 866-619-3779

Pondbuilder products are MAP protected and meet the quality standards of pond professionals nationwide. Founded in 2004, PondBuilder is based out of Saginaw, Michigan and serves as the hub for distribution to dealers throughout the United States as well as Internationally. To become a Distributor of Sakana Fish foods contact Aaron Scarlata at 1-866-619-3779 or via email

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