Fire and Water, Water Features? It’s Possible!

Published on November 3, 2012

Fire and Water Fountain
Fire and Water Fountain

Yes, fire and water make an outstanding effect. Here is one company’s approach to creating this hot new trend in water features – Fire Fountains.

For years, many have enjoyed having a water fountain in their yard. There is something about the soothing effect of not only listening to the sound of trickling water splashing onto the surface, but also it is very relaxing to sit there and watch the movement of the water as well. The combination of aesthetics and a peaceful sound have been a huge factor in the purchase of millions of water features.

We know that water fountains have been around since antiquity, however let us fast forward to 2012. There is a new innovation in fountains that literally adds a whole new element to your water feature. Fire Fountains are now the latest craze in outdoor living. Now, not only can you enjoy the soothing and calming sounds of water, but you also have the ambience and the magical, seemingly impossible effect of fire on water. Thanks to the latest technology, you can now have Las Vegas style, fire on water elemental effects in your backyard.

So now that I have set the bait, you are probably asking yourself how this is possible. How can a flame stay lit on top of water, without the water extinguishing it? The fact that the flame is coming from underneath the water is unique to this product. There are many other fire and water feature kits on the market. However the main difference is that most of these kits are only offering the illusion of fire on water, while the Fire Fountain manifold literally combines the two elements in one, fire on water.

The magic that makes this all possible is the “patent pending” vaporizer tips. The tips are stainless steel and they are mounted on a stainless steel manifold. These tips are essential because they allow the gas to escape the manifold, but they do not allow water to go back into the gas line.

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 To supply the Fire Fountain you can use Propane or Natural Gas as fuel. Also there are two ways you can ignite the Fire Fountain. You can light it manually with a BBQ pit style lighter or you can purchase the Auto Fire Remote Ignition System.

The Remote Ignition System is very unique in that it can ignite in even the most adverse weather conditions. The controller inside the ignition system is programmed to compensate for the effects of wind up to 50 MPH. Also the design makes it impossible for debris in the fountain to clog the pilot gas line. The Remote Ignition can be installed as an on and off switch on the wall or on a wireless device that can hang on your key ring. This is the same auto igniter that is used in the automated tiki torches and the dry application manifold installs.

The Fire Fountain manifolds are sold independent of the actual fountains/water feature. Typically a fountain is purchased, then the manifold and gas line are retrofitted into the fountain. Many different types of fountains work well for this including concrete and cast iron, however any material that is not combustible will likely work for this application.

The Fire Fountains come in several sizes with the smallest being a 7˝ manifold. Other popular sizes are 12˝ and 18˝; also custom sized manifolds are available upon request.

In today’s economy more people are foregoing expensive vacations and are seeking ways to enjoy themselves with friends and family in their own yard. Fire Fountains have not been around long, but already there is a huge demand from homeowners who want to spice up their outdoor living space. Also we have had much interest from hotels, restaurants and bars that are looking for a unique feature to wow and awe their customers.

Fire Fountains are excellent products for the Outdoor Living and Water Garden Industry. They are as safe to use as a BBQ grill, they are affordable, durable and versatile. I think you will be hard pressed to find another new product on the market today with this type of mass appeal.

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**Side Bar – FIRE, WATER and STONE by Aqua Bella Designs**
Fire, Water and Stone can be united in one piece of “Natures” Art created by Aqua Bella Designs.

Aqua Bella Designs custom features are hand crafted from natural stone boulders that are carefully selected locally. We start by looking for beautiful boulders of varying shapes, sizes and colors and carve the rocks manually. With unique characteristics that can only be found in nature, these stone features are sure to create the focal point in any landscape design, from contemporary to traditional.

With smoothly bubbling water or a warm burning flame, these boulders come to life and create an atmosphere unlike any other. Aqua Bella Designs has also recently created a unique way to combine both fire and water in one with our “Fire-Water Stone.”

Any of our fire stone features can be adapted for Natural gas or LPG gas supply. The addition of a Fire-Water Stone feature is easy too! The entire unit is self-contained and positioned on the Aqua Bella Designs AquaBox reservoir to recirculate the water. The AquaBox kit includes water pump and filtering system. You can find more information about these and other Aqua Bella Designs features on our website or by calling 800-617-5565.

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