Fall Clean Cold Water Bacteria

Published on July 8, 2010

**PondBuilder Aids Pond Maintenance with Fall Clean Cold Water Bacteria**

Stop slimy buildup and reduce your water garden’s muck level by using Fall Clean Bacteria. PondBuilder’s Fall Clean assists in digestion of leaves and fall debris making your pond ready for the winter and easier to clean in the spring.

• Prepare your Pond water for winter

• Use while your pond is netted and after cutting your plants back for winter

• Begin use when Water Temps is under 55°F

• Safe for all Aquatic Life

32oz Liquid Fall Clean treats 4,800 gallons of water making it ideal for small to medium size ponds. PondBuilder recommends using Fall Clean for one entire month once temperatures drop below 55°F. Homeowners recognize the PondBuilder brand exclusively sold at your local Pond Stores.


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