Euro-Matic’s New Solution to Regulate Pond Temperature

Published on January 31, 2017

With people spending a large amount of money over the winter months heating their fish ponds or looking for solutions to cover and insulate them, Euro-Matic sought to provide some avid koi owners with a solution that would be easy to install and keep the heat in, while still enabling them to check on the fish or feed them — without scaring them.

Euro-Matic has been producing plastic balls for 40 years, but our new self-filling ball made in a translucent material seems to be the perfect solution for those chilly months.

Euro-Matic has developed the world’s first self-filling cover ball, which fills halfway with water to allow it sit in the water without risking getting blown off in winds up to 100 mph. In this YouTube video, you can see an example of how quickly a customer manages to tip the balls onto his pond and how happy his fish are with the natural light continuing to shine through.

Other benefits reported from owners include:

  • Heating costs reduced by 75 percent;
  • Evaporation reduced by 90 percent;
  • Penetration of UV rays greatly reduced, precluding growth of algae and clogging weeds;
  • Rate of ice formation reduced in freezing conditions, lowering the ice formation point by up to 10°C (50°F);
  • Installation made quick and easy in the summer months — just take them off and pop into boxes or sacks; and
  • Natural aeration of the pond enabled, offering 95-percent surface coverage.

Balls can be ordered online at or by calling +44 330 311 0003, where our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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