Ecological Laboratories is 40 Years Old

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. is proud to announce its 40th year in business. Ecological Laboratories is family owned and operated serving the Aquatic, Lawn & Garden, Industrial & Agriculture industries with its proprietary beneficial microbes responsible for improving the environment in countless ways.PR_40th Anniversary Logo

Microbe-Lift/PL and our core photosynthetic technology was first developed in 1976. It has consistently delivered satisfaction in all pathways, whether aerobic, anoxic or anaerobic for forty years to clean up ponds, lakes, rivers, retention ponds, wastewater systems, septic systems, industrial applications nationally and internationally; wherever clean-up is needed. It has become the single product asked for by name—Microbe-Lift—that can be relied upon for service and results today, as it was 40 years ago. Reputations are built, and products are recognized.

Congratulations to Ecological Laboratories, Inc. on 40 years of great products, reputation and success, and returning the environment to the way Mother Nature intended it to be all over the world.

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