EasyPro Introduces 16″ and 32″ Waterfall Diffusers

Published on January 21, 2014

These new waterfall diffusers are made to last and faster to install than any other spillway on the market.

• Ideal for use at beginning of streams and in block walls, pools and formal fountains

• Extra strong vertical rib design creates a nearly indestructible diffuser

• Low profile design of 3.5″ makes them easy to conceal

• Load bearing design allows block to be stacked directly onto diffusers

• Units have dual 2″ inlets

• Now available in four sizes: 16″, 23″, 32″ and 46″ — from 1000 to 12000 gph flow

To request your full color catalog or for more information on EasyPro products call 800-448-3873 or visit our website **easypropondproducts.com.**

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