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Published on October 25, 2012

**October 31st to November 5th**

Wow. As I think of what I’ll be doing this time next week, I can’t believe what so many people in the pond industry may missing out on. It’s not to late, take a look of some of the great things that will happen next week.

Next **Wednesday**, Oct. 31st, we start our 7th annual **Ponditat® For Humanity** event replacing a problem pond for a family that has had more than its share of hard times come its way in a northern suburb of Orlando, Florida. I’ll get a chance to work and network with such industry leading contractors as Rick Bartel, Demi Fortuna, Freddie Combas, Max Taylor, Mike White and many more for two whole days!

On **Friday**, many more of us are visiting **Blackwater Creek Koi Farm** in Deland. Getting to hang out with owner Joe Pawlak and see the beautiful Koi in all shapes and sizes, as well as learning more about fish husbandry, handling and more from one of the United States’ premier and leading Koi producers is just about priceless, and you have to see the fish to believe!

But wait, **Friday** isn’t just the Koi farm, oh no! After we finish with the Koi farm, we will be driving just a few miles down the road to Blue Springs Park. What is it, you ask? Well, its home to the largest population of **Manatees** (sea cows) in the world. Not in a zoo, but in their home environment. See the creature that many feel is the original mermaid of seaman tales the world over. Cool!

On **Saturday**, we’ll be hosting **INFO TANZA’ 12**, this year’s intensive two days of educational seminars and workshops at the Rosen Centre, right across the street from the Orlando Convention Center. This year’s seminars have some of the best and brightest in the pond industry sharing tips and tricks of the trade as well as profitable diversifications and additions to your business portfolio. This eighth annual event has just too much talent to list here. See website for complete details.

Not only are we having a kickin’ series of educational workshops Sat and Sun., on **Sunday and Monday**, the Irrigation Show will be held across the street at the Orlando Convention Center. This is important in that it will be featuring the 2nd annual **IPPCA Pond and Waterscape Pavilion**. This year, the ‘Pavilion’ will be boasting a 400 square foot, show stopping water feature at its heart, graciously provided by **Aquascape. Inc.**. Over 8 feet high in places and over 20 tons, this thing is gonna be kick azz!

Most of the **Pond Industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors** will be on hand at the “Pavilion” with many booths just full of the newest and coolest pond toys and tools you’ll not find at any another show. You don’t want to miss what is going to have the Pond and Waterscape industry buzzing for the next year. I’ll see you there or you can regret at your leisure for missing what those in the know, know is the must attend event of the year!

Dave A. Jones – email:

Kloubec Koi Farm

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