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Published on June 20, 2012

*Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. announced today the creation of the Ponics tab on their website homepage, The section is dedicated to products related to hydroponic and aquaponic projects.*

Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. (AES) of Apopka, FL, is pleased to announce the creation of a new section of their website, AES has offered “Ponics” supplies for some time; however, there is now a dedicated Ponics tab on the homepage of where customers can be taken directly to everything they need for their hydroponic or aquaponic project.

When asked about the new Ponics section of, AES Merchandising Manager Bob Wheeler stated that he is “very excited that our “Ponics” customers will now have a dedicated section on our website to quickly and easily find products that fit their specific needs.”

Whether you are a hobbyist or commercial grower, AES has everything one will need to be successful in a hydroponics or aquaponics venture. From grow room supplies to large-scale commercial equipment; AES has thousands of products to keep operations sustainable and crops happy.

To request a copy of the AES Ponics catalog, please call 877-347-4788.


Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. (AES) of Apopka, FL, is the largest source of aquatic products and systems worldwide. Since it was founded in 1978, AES has offered unmatched selection, service and solutions to the aquatic community. With over 13,000 products, AES serves a variety of aquatic interests and industries, from aquaculture and lake management to aquariums and water gardens. AES staffs over 20 technicians and biologists to provide service, expert advice, troubleshooting and custom design solutions to hobbyists and professionals alike. For more information, visit or call 407-886-3939.

PR Contact: Mitch Manning – Office: 407-886-3939 Ext. 191

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