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Published on September 15, 2010

To become a fan just search for CrystalClear Pond Treatments or you can follow the link below:!/pages/CrystalClear-Pond-Treatments/109652685756858

(or a short cut is

Also, look for our product videos coming soon to YouTube. This will be a valuable tool to use in the field. Each product will have a video you can go to that tells everything about the item. Perfect for when you need information fast.

Our plan right now is to take each item on the label. The customer will be able to scan the tag with their smart phone (via an application) and bring up a YouTube video while they are at retail to learn more about the product. The product video will tell them everything they need to know about that particular item and will help them to be able to feel they made the right purchase. This is also a very good time saver for retail employees who may not know the „ins-and-outs‰ of each item on the shelf.

We will reveal more in the next week or two. We plan to roll the program out in January.

Thank you,

Jeff Spillars

VP Sales & Marketing

Winston Company, Inc.


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