Cool Springs Press and Horticulture Join Forces

Published on September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010—Cool Springs Press and Horticulture, two garden publishing powerhouses, will launch an interactive series of co-produced and co-marketed online seminars and workshops geared toward gardening enthusiasts, garden writers, and garden industry professionals. The first of the series will be produced in January.

Resources from the two companies will give participants access to the “best-of-the-best” information from garden writers, photographers, designers, and other experts. Cool Springs Press will mine its 100,000+ pages of gardening content, and will provide its authors and gardening experts as hosts of, and contributors to, the workshops. The co-hosted live events will appear on Horticulture’s online platform with participation from the Horticulture editorial team.

“Cool Springs Press is dedicated to serving the entire lawn and garden vertical with products to help educate consumers and to assist retailers in educating their consumers,” said Roger Waynick, President of Cool Springs Press. “No one has shown as much dedication to education over the years as Horticulture, and we are pleased to partner with them to create this series of online workshops and seminars.”

Horticulture Publisher and Editorial Director Patty Craft says “Horticulture is much more than just a gardening magazine—we are a community of gardening enthusiasts striving to share our passion for planting and growing, both in print and via the latest tech channels. Partnering with Cool Springs Press, a driving force in garden publishing, to co-host these live online workshops extends our reach and strengthens the gardening community to which we all belong. It’s a win all the way around.”

Workshops will kick off in January 2011 and will cover topics of interest both to consumers and industry professionals. Gardening enthusiasts, writers, and gardening industry professionals will all benefit from this partnership, which brings together resources from two of the most well-connected and technologically advanced garden publishing companies.

Both Cool Springs Press and Horticulture will market these seminars and workshops via print, digital, and social media channels, reaching an estimated audience of more than 150,000. They plan to host between 10 to 12 events during the first half of 2011.

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For more information about this new initiative, including inquiries about sponsorship opportunities and participation, please contact Katie Elzer-Peters at Cool Springs Press at 317-313-8366 or Patty Craft at Horticulture via email at

About Cool Springs Press

Cool Springs Press is the leading publisher of regional gardening information in the United States. Its first title, the 1996 release of Tennessee Gardener’s Guide, sparked a new trend in garden publishing: providing narrowly targeted gardening information directly to consumers.

Cool Springs Press has continued to grow through changes in the traditional publishing world by launching new online publishing, networking, and resource platforms for consumers, Independent Garden Centers, botanical gardens and garden writers. Cool Springs Press has also continued to expand its catalogue to include books on a variety of universal, yet current, gardening topics. For more information about Cool Springs Press, please visit its website:

About Horticulture

Horticulture is a division of F+W Media, Inc. F+W Media is the leading content and service provider for enthusiasts providing magazines, books, events, educational services, and free and for-fee websites. The print version of Horticulture has been in continuous publication for more than 100 years. The Horticulture brand also includes a vibrant community of gardeners, garden writers, garden bloggers, and photographers, all of whom actively produce online content. For more information about Horticulture, please visit its website:

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