CC Winner Adds New Water Feature to His Arsenal

Published on October 13, 2015

Close-up of our completed water feature, showing the two, mini-waterfalls that were incorporated into the design.
Close-up of our completed water feature, showing the two, mini-waterfalls that were incorporated into the design. (Click Image to Expand)

Every quarter at POND magazine, Pondliner picks a winner for our Contractor’s Corner and this quarter’s winner is Tim Wood and his recent water feature installation in April. After finding out that his customer’s backyard (and budget) couldn’t accommodate a pondless waterfall, Wood suggested a small water feature with Mongolian basalt stones. During the lead up to the installation, he began to toy around with the idea of adding something new to his repertoire: producing a mini-waterfall for the pooling water from the basalt stones to interact with.

Tim’s thoughts on how it came together (Click here to read the entire story):

On Wednesday I continued tweaking the waterfall and pooling area. As it turns out, it made more sense to have two mini waterfalls as opposed to one, to keep everything in scale. Meanwhile, my laborer shoveled about two tons of wet clay dirt off the road and onto the utility trailer and began cleaning up the site and putting away our tools.

The moral of this story: don’t be afraid to push yourself artistically from time to time, even on a paid installation. If you have the opportunity to try something new, take the extra time to do it. You may lose a little bit in labor profits on the first job, but the feeling of satisfaction will be worth it. Plus, you’ll now have an additional skill that can be upsold on future jobs for a much larger profit.

Congratulations to Tim Wood, he receives $250 worth of Pondliner products! Contractor’s Corner is open to all contractors and you can submit a recent installation story to POND magazine and our sponsor, Pondliner, chooses the best article every quarter.

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