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Published on November 7, 2011

**Back in the Game at CLCA’s Landscape Industry Show! Lots of NEW to Keep You at the Top of Your Game**

This year’s show is titled: **Back in the Game** and all green industry professionals and students are invited to attend! We’ve got lots of NEW at this year’s show to get you Back in the Game and keep you on your A game! Brought to you by the California Native Plant Society, Norman’s Nursery and the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants, Native Plant Bingo is a new addition to CLCA’s Landscape Industry Show for 2012!

Horticulturists and show attendees of all skill levels are invited to enter to win $100 cash and a book on native plants! The game is similar to church bingo and participants will explore the show floor looking for specially marked native plants. You don’t have to buy-in to play and everyone is eligible to win! Fun and easy, this game is sure to plant a smile and a card with five in a row could be a winner. Whether you’re a novice or plant expert, hopefully you’ll see or learn something new with the great diversity of California natives that will be placed around the show floor.

Are you a good designer? You’ll want to try this year’s “Designer’s Challenge” brought to you by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). Try your hand at a quick sketch and see if your design is a winner! Like Pictionary and not a drawing contest, this contest shows how quickly you can think on your feet and communicate your finished design to your client. Speed is good, but quality of design is just as important, so the first one done isn’t necessarily the winner. This fun, interactive, pen and paper challenge will literally have you thinking on your feet and it will be over before the ink is dry!! If you can play Pictionary, you can play Designer’s Challenge. The difference is, can you design?

CLCA’s new Technology Café is sure to replace the techno savy 12 year old and even better, those demonstrating their apps are industry peers and professionals. Feel free to ask even the simplest of questions in a stress free, painless, technology learning environment. Here you can see it, touch it and click it while learning how this technology will help your business. Featured here are industry apps for the iPhone and Droid, check out an iPad, and learn about networking on LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ve invited several of the industry smart phone apps CLCA LinkedIn Group members found useful in our technology discussion. These group members are already using this technology in their own businesses and recommended it to other members. Stop by and learn how you can process credit card payments, manage projects, calculate sprinkler times, track your fleet, access a plant care guide and more, all quickly and easily from the field using your smart phone. You’ll “like” it!

Due to popular demand, we’ve increased our on floor demos which are free to all show attendees. In keeping with our theme, we’ve brought in new, unique industry technology for you to see and touch! Learn to install unbreakable plastic pavers that were created to accommodate tree roots, build a living retaining wall designed to hold plant material, create a simple greywater system for irrigation, resurface concrete using a state of the art limestone coating developed in Europe to restore historic buildings and more! Ask questions, watch and learn in a hands on interactive environment from industry professionals directly on the show floor!

Well worth the time investment for you and your employees, this year’s show offers you more opportunities and information to help you increase your skills and add to your bottom line.

Also new to this year’s show, CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program Partners will be exhibiting some of the latest in water management technology in a special display showcasing the latest in water saving and reuse technology. You’ll see on-site water collection and re-use, permeable pavers, advances in low-volume and sub-surface irrigation, high efficiency overhead sprinklers and more! Be sure to stop by and see this display dripping with the latest in water smart technology and innovations!! This showcase is brought to you by the CLCA Water Management Certification Founding Partners, Ewing, Hunter, and Toro in collaboration with Charter Partners, Horizon, John Deere Landscapes and Rain Bird.

If you know E.T., there is a lot to phone home about here! The technology at this year’s show is out of this world! In addition to the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer, this year’s show also offers excellent seminars including Introduction to Green Wall Systems, Design and Installation and Dirt Can You Dig It?, sponsored by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Other seminars include edibles, using social media, money management, pesticide application technology, how to get paid in full during difficult times and much more. So bring your game to CLCA’s show and get the skills you need to set yourself apart from your competitors and optimize your business operations! CLCA’s Landscape Industry Show takes place February 1-2, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles.

Attendance is free to those who register in advance and is $5 at the door for those who arrive the day of the show. Seminars are a bargain and begin at $40 with unlimited classes for $120. For free registration go to You can even register from your smart phone! You don’t need an app for that!

Barbara Landrith Outreach Specialist California Landscape Contractors Association
1491 River Park Dr#100
Sacramento, Ca 95815
(916) 830-2780

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