Sales and Marketing

Getting Your Marketing Warmed Up for Spring

For the record, marketing is a vital element of success for any business; it is an investment in your future. Find great tips on planning events, email campaigns and newsletters for the next year. Then something just emerging, “Tags” – what are “tags” and why do I need to know about them? You will want to start adding “tags” to everything you do.

Email Campaigns That Work

How-to write an effective e-mail campaign. Marketing expert shares critical dos and don’ts, including important aspects such as the importance of “opt-outs,” a catchy subject line, professional appearance, testing, links, list management and more. Successful email campaigns are a challenge; learn how to do it right.

Advertising Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing expert Pam Greiner shares with you several important Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising–like not using the font papyrus or going overboard with content. When you are ready to start designing your ad, follow these eight critical points. And the old rule “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) may be the best rule of all.

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