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Creating a Welcome Environment

Pond industry retailers – what should you be doing now to prepare for the upcoming season? Review the benefits and care for both aquatic plants (marginals, submerged plants, floating plants and bog plants) and pond fish (koi and goldfish). Learn how to educate and prepare your customers to have a successful pond. Learn about header ponds and how they can be used.

Forever Pondering – Promoting Your Business

[img:1] Question: I’m looking for new ways to promote my business, do you have any suggestions? Answer: September 26, 2007 Lawn & Garden Retailer Magazine headline reads “Green Initiatives Attract Gen Y Shoppers” and the article reads “A recent poll from Maritz Research, which surveyed shoppers ages 18-30, shows that Generation Y shoppers are turning …

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Pond Keeping-Marketing for Success

As successful business owners, you are aware of the importance of creating an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. Product placement, a knowledgeable staff and a variety of merchandise creates loyal customers. Additionally, it is imperative to offer “value added service” thereby setting you apart from your competitors. Without these basic marketing elements, your store …

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