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Pond Business Productivity Tips for Summer

With the current economic conditions, the amount of work
opportunities seems to have dwindled – here are a few tip on how to
keep you busy. This is a good time to also think about how you market
and brand your business. Maybe you should concentrate on smaller
projects or projects that will be done in phases. Do you just need to
get out and say “Hi” to prior customer – what do you have to offer
them? Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Simple Living Simplified

10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life – if some one said if you do these ten things your life would be better, wouldn’t you want to do them? One that we all can relate to is “Clean Your Desk.” Read this article and learn how to make your life simpler.

Leo’s Tip of the Day – Information you can use!

The finished product offers an accurate and durable mount for a bulkhead fitting. One of the greatest fears in pond installation is having a hole in the liner. Therefore, it seems crazy to intentionally create that in which we fear the most. However, without piercing this precious impermeable membrane, it is impossible to install key …

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