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Current and back issues of POND Trade Magazine including pond business articles, water garden articles, and other pond news.

May / June, 2009

Make it Bigger, don’t be afraid to seam that liner pond. This lead feature covers step-by-step advice on how to seam a liner and make that pond bigger. Find great advice on Staying Productive During the Dog Days of Summer. Learn about the challenges of breeding and selling Showa. Do swans belong in our pond or water gardens? Learn what else your customers may want to put in that pond and how to deal with them. Then there is information on how to deal with raccoons in our ponds, and how to make that first impression and make your business look good in Dress for Success. High Stress – 12 great tips are covered in this magazine on how to deal with high stress. Aquatic plants, what should I use? Find the answer in Botanical Psychotherapy and finish off with Keeping Ponds Healthy…learn ways to help maintain good water quality.

March / April 2009

How to use Signage as the Silent Salesman, Profiling Today’s Pond Buyer, Preparing New Koi for Sale (knowledge you need), and advice on what plants to use in the pond or water garden and why just to mention a few articles full of great business advice. Along with learning about signage, our business professional advices on water garden and pond department displays and inspiring life-long customers. Find information on a new business opportunity Rain Water Harvesting; includes how it is beneficial to your customers and is helping the environment. Understanding Sanke is covered in this magazine, including tips on how to get top dollar for them. Simple Living Simplified – 10 tips on things you can do today to simplify your life.

January / February, 2009

Professional advice on how to make and use a plant filter is our lead article in this issue, titled The Grid Veggie Filter. Then find business tips and suggestions about the recession – how to rise to the top even in down times. Aquatic plant sales down? Get tips on how to refine your plant sale systems, includes advice on how to avoid common mistakes. Garden Pond Industry experts talk about how to have a more successful pond department/business and an article that includes step-by-step design and construction of an above ground koi pond. Selling Kujaku? Eight easy features that you need to know and can make them easy to sale.

November / December, 2008

Heron control, the magic of the Lotus and business tips on how to fail or flourish in our current economy is just the start of this information packed magazine. Authors share their knowledge and advice about the “Green Industry” in articles like The Greener Side of Ponds and Wind Power is Finally Here. With a growing concern about droughts our expert gives tips and ideas about water-wise use of water in pond maintenance. A new series about the Language of Koi starts with Kohaku. Insights are given as to what to look for in a Kohaku and how to price koi to get top dollar.

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