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Published on July 23, 2010

**New products from British exhibitors at spoga+gafa meet new and traditional gardening market needs**

New products that are designed to address current environmental issues feature highly in the array of items being exhibited by British firms at this year’s spoga+gafa that is being held in Cologne from 5 – 7 September 2010. The 32 UK companies participating in the Gardenex-organised exhibitor group are showing many new items that address the requirements of water conservation, composting and Grow Your Own (GYO), which are all high growth sectors. Water conservation is catered for with the introduction of a wider range of innovative storage products and items such as self-watering flower pots. The recycling systems on show include a new home composter that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a worm composting system, and the Grow Your Own sector is represented by products from propagation and plant care to harvesting and storage solutions. Added to these are many innovations in other garden sectors, including garden care; garden furniture in all conceivable materials; garden clothing for all ages; garden structures; outdoor heaters; gardener’s gift packs; garden games and decorative items.

Gardenex, the UK’s export federation for the British garden and leisure industry, has a British garden, leisure and pet product information stand within the British pavilion, where buyers can obtain information about the UK gardening and leisure sector and the thousands of innovative products available from UK suppliers for sale internationally.

The British exhibitors and their products are as follows:

Alexander Rose Ltd (Hall 2.2, Stand G81/H80) is showing its new outdoor furniture ranges for 2011. These include a Traditional range manufactured from a selection of FSC certified timbers including teak, mahogany, karri and pine. There is also a Designer range with pieces made from stainless steel, aluminium, granite, glass, textilene mesh and weave, and a Monte Carlo range of woven dining and lounge sets in a traditional basket weaving style. Also new is a San Marino range of round high quality viro produced in the company’s factory in Cebu, and A- Class stainless steel and weave chairs and sun beds with extending tables. Alexander Rose has four German sales agents and a full time German speaking export administrator based at its head office.

Bosmere Products Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand C40) is introducing over 100 new lines for 2011. A new Alfresco Dining Range, comprising 4 table cloths, cloth clips, table mats, salt and pepper pots and dining trays is being added. A 5 ltr petrol can, a fuel mixing bottle and a set of 2 funnels extend the Mower Range. Two new soft twist ties are added to the Twine & Ties range. The Garden Helpers Range has 25 new items including five new padlocks, copper labels, pruning knife, snips and seed sower. New items in the Propagation products range are an 84-cell plug tray, an 11cm pot growing tray and replacement 11cm pots. Five new lines to extend the Growing range are a tomato growing bag, raised bed kit and three sizes of autumn and spring bulb baskets. The Garden Care range has the addition of a new boot grate, a clip lid dustbin, fence guard and two umbrellas. Items added to the Colours range are a tidy tray in four colours, a chemical can with sprinkler bar, a separate sprinkler bar, adjustable watering can rose and replacement roses. There are also nine new lines added to the Christmas range and a new Gardeners Gift Pack. The company’s Cover Up Barbecue and Garden Furniture Covers range is being completely repackaged.

Burgon & Ball (Hall 9.1, Stand C46) produces quality garden tools and highly practical gardening concepts to help the growing and harvesting of garden produce. New items include Home Allotment Planters and Planting Bags that provide an innovative and stylish solution to Growing Your Own in restricted spaces; a range of helpful allotment accessories such as cane supports; a greenhouse cover; and a pest control cover that aids crop growth and protection against frost and pests. Also new is a product designed to conceal unsightly but practical grow bags and a range of products for carrying GYO produce. Another innovation is a Bucket in a Bag, which is a versatile and durable bucket that holds 11 litres of water but collapses down into a compact 4cm for stowing in its own drawstring bag.

DT Industries (Hall 9.1, Stand E41) is showing its popular EasiTRUG™, new EasiPLANTER TM and EasiFEEDERTM products. The EasiTRUG™ can be used in the garden, around the home, on the beach, in the car, for equestrian feed, industrial applications and DIY projects such as plastering or patching. EasiTRUG™ has been specifically designed to provide, strength, malleability and ease of use, and includes several design features that have been introduced following customers’ requests. DT Industries also manufactures related products which are marketed and distributed under the brands EasiStep’N’CarryTM, EasiFEEDERTM, EasiSKIPTM, EasiPLANTER TM, PetTRUGTM and MouldFlexTM

Earthmaker (Hall 9.1, Stand C46a) is displaying a triple chamber, aerobic home composter that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It produces compost over twice as fast as traditional bins and is easy to assemble and use. In the patented Earthmaker design, three chambers are stacked on top of each other so that fresh organic waste can be put into the top chamber and gravity then moves the organic waste down through the chambers. The mature compost is kept separated in the lower chamber. Other exhibits comprise a range of composters and rain barrels manufactured from FSC certified hard wood that provides a natural looking, long lasting and eco-friendly range for the garden, and has a life span of 15-20 years. The products are new to the European market, and the company is seeking distributors.

Firewinder/Peers Hardy UK Limited (Hall 9.1, Stand D42a) is showing a decorative and dynamic outdoor light that is totally powered by the wind. The light requires no batteries, mains power or fuel as it
captures the wind in order to create a stunning and inspiring spiral of light. It produces a pulsating pillar of light in strong winds and a delicate upward flowing spiral of light when there is a gentle breeze. Firewinder is available in two sizes, the Original and a newly launched mini version. While at spoga+gafa the company is seeking European distributors.

Gardenex – The Federation of Garden & Leisure Manufacturers Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand C42) has extensive experience of the product and supplier requirements in worldwide garden and leisure markets, including Germany, one of the UK’s most important markets. It will be the 38th time that the federation has organised a British group of companies at spoga+gafa, where it will be providing a comprehensive package of support, advice, publicity and promotion for the British group and a free supplier and product sourcing service for international buyers. The federation has organised many export business-creating initiatives in the past year, including arranging visits to the UK by garden and pet product buyers from Germany and other countries to meet with British suppliers. This has resulted in a significant expansion of business between the UK and international markets.

Gardenworks Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D46) is showing a self-watering flower pot made from glass and terracotta. Called Wet Pots, the product reduces the need for watering as the clay allows plants to absorb just as much watering as necessary from the glass container, which shows clearly the level of water for monitoring purposes. Watering is also monitored by viewing the water quantity in the glass container. The design of the product is clean, modern and stylish, making it ideal as a gift purchase. The Wet Pots are available in various sizes including a set of three herb pots. Gardenworks is seeking distributors for its range.

GlobeMall Ltd – Proulx Mfg Inc (Hall 7.1, Stand A41) is introducing a new brush cutter head plus a range of nylon grass cutting heads and monofilament line for brush cutters and trimmers. Its products are sold under both the ‘Universal’ and ‘Saber Cut’ brands. These include nylon heads for both professional and consumer trimmers and a range of nylon ‘Easy load Never Split’ heads that incorporate dual line loading systems with simplified line removal. Proulx Mfg is the largest independent manufacturer of nylon grass cutting heads, and has supplied 90 per cent of all OEMs. Since 1977 the company has supplied 80 per cent of trimmer heads to the world market.

Haws Watering Cans (Hall 9.1, Stand C44) specialises in the manufacture of quality metal and plastic indoor and outdoor water cans. The metal cans are produced from steel sheet which is then rolled, formed, hot dip galvanized and powder coated. The company also sells steel gift vases and jugs. A new product launch at spoga+gafa is a kitchen caddy which can be used for composting or as a storage unit. Haws has a thriving trade in the German market which has grown partly as a result of the company exhibiting at spoga+gafa fairs.

Haxnicks (Hall 9.1, Stand D45) is a market leader in plant protection, a growth category driven by strong consumer trends for ‘growing your own vegetables’ and ‘chemical-free’ gardening. The company is continually expanding its innovative product portfolio and this now includes plant propagation and plant care products. The company also manufactures the famous Rootrainers™ propagation system. Haxnicks currently supplies German mail order companies plus garden centres and mail order companies in other European countries. The company is now seeking a German distributor.

HSP Garden Buildings Ltd (Hall 8.1, Stand B49) is showing its range of high quality garden structures, summerhouses, gazebos, arbours and pavilions. The summerhouses are available as octagonal or rectangular buildings with the doors set in any side to maximise natural light. They are also equipped with lighting, heating and interior furnishings to create a beautiful extra room. HSP has been supplying the German market for the past 12 years and has successfully established outlets in a number of other European countries such as Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

JFA Ltd (Hall 5.1, Stand A041) is exhibiting energy products under the Bright Spark® and Butane Battery® trade marks, including a new Butane Battery ® Gas Lighter refill R4 and a professional catering lighter. The company’s range includes gas cartridges and portable gas appliances. Butane Battery® gas cartridges are offered in 190g aerosols and screw thread versions in 220g, 230g and 460gram. There is also a range of portable cookers and BBQs, blowtorches, single burners and accompanying accessories including kettles, toasters and BBQ plates. JFA has been selling products into Europe since the early 1950s, and over the years, loyal relationships have been developed with its distributors in many European countries.

La Hacienda (Hall 10.1, Stand A56) designs and delivers new and original real fire outdoor heating. The designs are Chimenea and firebowl inspired and add atmosphere to an outdoor party or barbecue. The range of Chimeneas comprise both clay and cast iron firebowls, firebaskets and grills. Many of the products have dual functionality that allows cooking in addition to heating. La Hacienda currently has a German distributor that enables the company to sell to Praktiker, Bauhaus and OBI in particular, and a Dutch distributor that sells to Benelux countries.

LBS Horticulture Ltd (T/A Porous Pipe) (Hall 9.1, Stand E30) is exhibiting the Porous Pipe range of soaker hose for both commercial and hobby irrigation markets. The range includes the Original Porous Pipe™, Micro Bore and Pro Bore. Bespoke pipe is also manufactured for many uses including aeration of fish ponds and foundation watering. The company’s extensive retail point-of-sale material includes attractive product packaging, a variety of display units and customer education leaflets. Bespoke packaging is also available.

4 Leaves Innovation Limited (Hall 9.1, Stand D44) is showing its Wellitop and RainCan products for the first time at the fair. Wellitop is a clip-on Wellington/rain/muck/gum boot cover with carrying handle which allows boots to be left outside in the rain, easily carried or hung up in order to save valuable floor space. Wellitop holds boots together in upright pairs thereby keeping out leaves and deterring pests. It has been launched in two-tone green colour with other two-tone colour versions to follow. The RainCan product is a stacking watering can with a fold away handle and removable cover allowing nesting, similar to a bucket. Compared with conventional watering cans RainCan saves valuable retail space, transport and warehouse cost. It is the only watering can which will collect the falling rain over the whole footprint when left outside. It is available as a two-tone green 7 litre can with other colours and sizes to follow.

Motif Design – Heatmaster (Hall 5.1, Stand B90) is exhibiting its electric short-wave infrared heaters for domestic and commercial use. The company’s range is new to the mainland Europe market and includes wall mounted and free standing linear heaters up to 2kW, with a protection rating up to IP65. These are ideal for heating patios, workshops, offices or shops. The company’s commercial, ceiling mounted, multi head heaters are ideal for use in churches, large buildings and marquees. Other products include three and four head umbrella mounted heaters and free-standing heaters with an adjustable/removable table; ideal for use in the garden or as a low cost smoking centre. Unlike LPG gas patio heaters, the heat generated by Heatmaster is directed at people and objects and is not blown away by the wind. This results in an energy conversion ratio of 92 per cent. All of the heaters are certified to European and North American safety standards.

Nether Wallop Trading Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand C48) designs, produces and sells eco-friendly wooden garden tools, storage solutions, practical jute products and laser-cut steel bird silhouettes for use as decorative fence post finials. Two new items for 2010 are a Big Paper Potter, which creates paper pots suitable for seedlings, plug plants and fast growing seeds, and a Sack O’Veg, which is a vegetable storage sack which has strong handles for carrying and for storing produce off the ground. New eye-catching packaging has been introduced, designed to appeal to anyone new to gardening. Nether Wallop’s range sells well as gifts and is popular with schools who teach sustainability as part of their curriculum. The company already supplies retailers in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Otters Brook (Hall 9.1, Stand D43) is the spring summer collection of decorative products from Festive Productions. The range has been designed predominantly for outdoor living and includes categories such as outdoor garden, general giftware, garden lighting and novelty garden items geared towards spring and early summer but also saleable all year round. Festive Productions is also one of the UK and Europe’s leading suppliers of Christmas related products, supplying nearly every conceivable Christmas decoration category including ornate glass baubles, shatterproof baubles, tinsel garlands, wreaths, lights, fibre optic trees and artificial trees. The company currently exports its range of seasonal decorations to over 40 countries.

Parasene® (Hall 9.1, Stand D41) is showing an extensive range of specialised garden products for the amateur gardener. Items on show include seed propagators (electric and non-electric), greenhouse accessories, gas-operated weed burners, cloches and a new range of pop-up greenhouses and associated products. 2010 will be the 16th time during the last 20 years that Parasene has exhibited at the spoga+gafa show and the company has enjoyed considerable success in the German market, particularly in the mail order sector. Parasene is now seeking to extend its business in Germany and other markets.

Rowlinson Garden Products (Hall 8.1, Stand A43) is one of the UK’s leading designers and distributors of garden buildings and structures. The company is displaying a comprehensive range of garden buildings, structures and landscaping products, the majority of which are manufactured from timber but include an ever increasing range of metal and plastic products. The core range comprises arbours, arches, gazebos, canopies, decking kits, summerhouses, playhouses, garden storage buildings, accessories and furniture.

Simplicity Greenhouses (Hall 8.1, Stand A51) is a range of greenhouses comprising a mid-market Simplicity brand and an up-market Hercules brand. Made from sturdy aluminium frames, there is a choice of glazing including traditional horticultural glass, twinwall polycarbonate and toughened safety glass. There is a wide range of sizes and greenhouses and these can be finished in plain aluminium or powder coated finish. Lean-to style greenhouses are also available. The whole range is newly released onto the European market and the company is looking for exclusive distributorship arrangements.

Solus (Hall 9.1, Stand E45) is showing a wide range of products from its Joseph Bentley and Yeominis ranges. Joseph Bentley is a traditional range of wooden handled garden tools, based on historic and traditional garden implements dating back to Victorian times. The range includes a carbon steel and stainless steel selection along with an Apprentice range of tools for the younger generation. Yeominis is a high quality children’s range of garden tools and clothing in bright colours that has wide appeal to the 18 months – 9 years age group. The tools are made from high quality steel and have telescopic handles. The clothing range contains Wellington boots, fleece jackets and raincoats.

Spear & Jackson (Hall 8.1, Stand D16) is relaunching its Razorsharp cutting range as part of its 250th anniversary celebrations. The range consists of secateurs, loppers, hedge shears, pruning saws, scissors, bow saws, scythettes and axes. The cutting tool blade materials include SK5 steel for secateurs, and C50 carbon steel for shears and loppers, which provide lasting sharpness with strength and extended durability. Spear & Jackson is renowned for its garden tool range that comprises digging and cultivating tools such as spades, forks, hoes, rakes, edging irons, hand trowels and weed forks. The tools are produced in both carbon steel and stainless steel, with options of handle types including wood, aluminium, steel or plastic. The company is seeking to establish new distribution in European markets.

Stewart Plastics Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D48/E49) is exhibiting its plastic garden products comprising propagators, seed trays, growing trays, cloches, patio planters, troughs, hanging baskets, saucers, and self watering pots and troughs. New product launches include propagation items and patio planters. The company supplies to German garden centres and mail order companies and has strong distribution into Scandinavia, Spain and specialist outlets in Northern France. Stewart Plastics is seeking to add new distributors in order to expand its export business.

Straight plc (Hall 9.1, Stand D47) is exhibiting its range of garden products under the Harcostar® and BeGreen™ brands. The environmentally friendly retail brand BeGreen™ is aimed at the retail and distribution sectors. Through this brand Straight plc is able to supply specialist environmental home and garden products to distributors and retailers around the world. Products include rainwater harvesting containers ranging in size from a new 95 litre water butt up to a large 700 litre water tank. Straight also has a broad range of home composting solutions including a Compost Converter, which is one of the UK’s biggest-selling home compost bins. Many of the company’s products were originally developed for the German market and are exported now across Europe and throughout the world.

Strata Products Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D40) is exhibiting the Ward brand of plastic garden products. The comprehensive range includes three sizes of rain water butts from a slimline 100 litre capacity to a large 210 litre capacity, plus a decorative Oakwood water butt with matching composter. Also on show is a full complement of watering cans from 1 litre to 10 litres. The company is also displaying a range of garden accessories such as kneelers, composters, sieves, trugs, buckets and tuff tubs plus a variety of decorative and functional pots, saucers and planters. Completely new are Ward 10 litre and 5 litre watering cans in green, red and pink.

Suntime (Hall 11.1, Stand A39/B38) is showing a broad range of contemporary and traditional furniture pieces. Completely new are a Teardrop lounger, the Amalfi Range and various PE Rattan lounge sets. The Suntime™ range covers an extensive selection of outdoor furniture including all-weather PE rattan lounge and dining groups, textylene/aluminium dining sets, wood furniture as well as an extensive range of gazebos, swings and accessories. The company is also a leading supplier of Christmas products (Snowtime™), pet supplies (Pet Time™) and indoor furniture (Hometime™). The company has recently entered the German market and supplies Dehner, Gartner Poetschke, European subsidiaries of the Praktiker Group and trade agents of REWE and Obi Group.

Tansun Limited (Hall 5.1, Stand A31) is a pioneer of the quartz electric patio heating concept, and is demonstrating its extensive range of quartz terrace and indoor heaters. Completely new is a Tansun Hot Table which is a patented range of bistro tables that offers under-table heating for comfortable warmth around the legs and feet. The heater is adjustable making it ideal for use outside bars, restaurants and on balconies. Also on show is the popular Rio Grande IP that combines heat and light, both of which can be operated separately. It is ideal for use underneath awnings. The Rio IP weatherproof heater is available with a range of brackets so that it can be installed underneath commercial umbrellas. Completing the exhibits is the Sorrento IP heater that offers modular, powerful heat up to 12kW, with an option of a gold reflector which reduces the glare whilst still maximising heat output.

Tenax UK Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D49) is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic nets and meshes in Europe with over 50 years of experience. It supplies the garden, DIY, construction and other markets throughout the world. The UK subsidiary holds the marketing rights throughout Europe for Laura Ashley Garden products, Stanley gloves and Stanley personal protection equipment. On display is a new Laura Ashley range of gardening and outdoor products, including gloves, hand tools, hanging baskets, outdoor beanbags, hammocks and garden features. Also new is a range of Stanley Pro gloves aimed at key trade sectors and a range of personal protection equipment such as eye protectors, respiratory masks, ear defenders etc. Completing the new launches is a range of Stanley gardening and DIY gloves.

Garden & Outdoor Games (Hall 5.2, Stand G69) is introducing several new and outdoor games. The company’s garden games are an exclusive branded range of primarily outdoor games and giant games, although many of the items are now used indoors in the education sector in both schools and nurseries. All games offer immense play value and can be played in most cases by all ages. In an age of hi- tech computer games, Traditional Garden Games offers a refreshing change, encouraging both young and old to spend time outdoors and to interact in a traditional way, which provides both social and educational benefits.

VegTrug Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D42) is exhibiting its raised bed vegetable growing system that enables anyone to grow their own vegetables in the smallest of spaces. It is available in large (2m) and small (1m) versions and in both natural wood and painted finishes. The company provides full growing instructions to the end user. The VegTrug is sold throughout Europe.

The Worm Works (Hall 8, Stand 56a) is displaying its worm composting system designed to produce top quality potting compost. It is an environmentally system designed specifically for recycling household waste. The composter is a system of interlocking trays. Household scraps and a number of worms are placed in the bottom tray and the worms then eat and digest the scraps in order to produce one of the finest potting compost available. The composter is available in three different colours and can be expanded to accommodate individual needs.

For further information on the British exhibitors or Gardenex, the trade association that works on behalf of British companies to help them increase sales worldwide,
telephone: +44 (0) 44 1959 565995 or fax: +44 (0) 1959 565885
Email: or visit the Gardenex website on

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