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Published on July 23, 2012

British companies choose spoga+gafa
to launch latest innovations and new brands

Products from most categories of the garden sector are among the latest innovations being shown by 33 British companies exhibiting in a group organised by the Gardenex export federation at spoga+gafa 2012 (2 to 4 September). Among the numerous new items that will be attractive to buyers from around the world are solar powered decorative items and watering systems, pop-up fruit and vegetable cages, portable fireplaces, orchid sprays, wildlife seed packs and gardening gloves for the lady of the house. There are over 300 new products being launched under a new brand name from one regular exhibitor at the show. The British group consists of both companies that have exhibited several times in the past and those who are displaying their ranges for the first time in Cologne.

For overseas buyers wishing to research and source the thousands of other UK garden, leisure and pet products available from member companies within Gardenex, the federation has organised a garden and leisure industry information stand housed within the British pavilion. The stand is manned by the federation’s team of multi-lingual staff who have extensive experience of the UK gardening industry and exporting.

The British exhibitors and their products are as follows:

**Bee Bloom** – Growth Technology (Hall 9, Stand D36) produces high quality orchid and houseplant sundries as well as plant-specific nutrients and re-potting mixes. The company’s Orchid Spray and Orchid Focus re-potting mix are among the best selling products in British garden centres. A new Plant Focus is being launched at the show. This fertiliser, specifically developed to ensure plants can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and ensure maximum growth and yield, is available in hardwater and rainwater versions. Also new for the 2012 season is an Orchid Spray. Bee Bloom products are available in Germany and Austria through a local distributor, Bee Bloom.
**Bosmere Products Ltd** (Hall 9, Stand C36) offers an extensive range of protective covers for furniture and barbecues, including a popular range of covers for modular furniture. The company also supplies a wide variety of innovative products for the enthusiastic gardener suitable for spring, summer, autumn, winter and Christmas. Bosmere exports to over 23 countries worldwide, and is unveiling a number of new products at spoga+gafa
**Catwatch** (Hall 9, Stand D32) is showing a number of products that act as animal deterrents. Catwatch is an ultrasonic alarm that is triggered by a cat’s movement and body heat as soon as it enters the protected area, which can be up to 125 sq metres. The alarm can be moved and positioned at ground level or secured at the base of walls, fences and trees. In addition to protecting the garden it also acts as protection to birds, and is the only animal deterrent scientifically tested and approved by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Similar products on show are Foxwatch, Pestfree/Catfree and Pest Controller, a device that emits ultrasonic signals to banish mice and rats from the home.
**Cave Innovations** (Hall 9, Stand E28) is showing its range of outdoor garden storage systems as well as other gardening products. On show are Tidy Tent, an innovative outdoor and garden storage solution, and Tidy Tent Extra, which is a new modular zip-together storage system. There is also a modular, zip-together grow house system called Cultic Cave and a grow bag cane support known as Prop-a-Plant. Completing the displays is Ana Point, a low-cost, anti-theft, wall security fixing, and a range of Silverback UV protective umbrellas and parasols.
**DRIBOX** (Hall 9, Stand E28a) is introducing the DRiBOX range of weatherproof electrical connection boxes at spoga+gafa. Designed with simplicity and portability in mind there is a size for any type of connection to secure single or multiple plugs. All three models are available in black or green and can be supplied in a combo pack that comprises all three sizes nested together in a convenient package. The DRiBOX serves many markets and its products are perfect for Christmas lighting, aquatics, DIY, garden accessories and appliances.
**Enviro-Works** (Hall 9, Stand D31) is exhibiting its range of biological garden cleaning and feeding products. In the cleaning category there is a path and patio cleaner, conservatory and greenhouse cleaner, as well as a Keep it Clear and Oil Patch Remover. The ‘feeding’ products include a lawn tonic, all-purpose plant tonic and houseplant tonics. The company uses natural ingredients rather than traditional chemicals and fertilisers in the formulations in order to provide high quality products that are also kind to the environment. The products do not carry any hazardous chemical labelling and are safe to use around pets.
**Flower Tower** (Hall 9, Stand D33a) is showing its vertical tower planter together with a wall-mounted version and a new separate watering system. The “Flower Tower” is an innovative free standing tower planter that has been designed for growing a variety of flowers, herbs, fruits and salad. It accommodates standard sized plug plants and stands one metre tall when the plants are in full bloom. The planter has an internal watering system, and is perfect for use on balconies, patios and in small spaces as well as gardens. A wall mounted version of the product is also available. Flower Tower products are ‘flat packed’ in attractive retail packaging with full printed instructions in four languages.
**Gardenex** – The Federation of Garden & Leisure Manufacturers Ltd (Hall 9, Stand C32) has extensive experience of the product and supplier requirements in worldwide garden and leisure markets, including Germany, one of the UK’s most important markets. The federation has organised a British group of companies at spoga+gafa for around 40 years, providing a comprehensive package of support, advice, publicity and promotion for the group. Gardenex also provides a free supplier and product sourcing service for international buyers. PetQuip, a sister division of the Federation offers similar export services to UK pet care product companies and to international buyers.
**Gardenskill Ltd** (Hall 9, Stand D33) is a leading practical plant protection company and has one of the largest ranges of pop-up fruit and vegetable cages, cloches and polyhouses available on the market. Items in the Gardenskill range help protect vegetables and fruit plants throughout the year, and comprise various poly, net, ultra-fine net and heavy duty fleece versions. The company has a new range of double pop-ups and fleece cloches and tunnels for spring and autumn protection. All products are practical, attractive and come complete with all necessary components. Many of the products fold into small, lightweight packages for easy, space-efficient and convenient storage and economical shipping.
**Garland Products** (Hall 9, Stand C30) is showing over 300 new products under the new Worth Gardening brand. There will be four ranges of barbecue and garden furniture covers, as well as three ranges of garden bags and an extensive array of garden essentials. To add to Garland’s well- established range of plastic injection moulded propagation products for the keen amateur gardener, a wide selection of vacuum-formed propagation items and a variety of fibre pots is being introduced. The Worth Gardening brand also comprises a Christmas bags range, a winter range of snow shovels and ice scrapers, and a boot range that includes boot trays, boot scrapers and boot bags. Garland is a regular exhibitor at spoga+gafa.
**Grakka Ltd** (Hall, Stand) is showing a range of branded outdoor cooking equipment, principally food smokers and barbecue grills. These include the Bradley Smoker that is widely recognised as a versatile and capable food smoker. The smoker is designed and priced for home use but is also widely used by gourmet chefs and restauranteurs for both hot and cold smoking. Also on show is the Kamado Joe outdoor cooker that combines a grill, smoker and oven. all in one unit.
**Haws Watering Cans** (Passage 4/5 Nr 9) has specialised in the manufacture of quality metal and plastic indoor and outdoor watering cans since 1886, and is exhibiting its full range of professional and traditional range of watering cans, which includes a number of new colours. A new range of Haws’ branded leather goods is also being shown at spoga+gafa together with a variety of steel gift vases and jugs. Haws is a regular visitor at the fair and has a thriving trade in the German market.
**Irrigatia** (Hall 9, Stand C38) is showing its solar powered automatic watering / drip irrigation systems for the first time at spoga+gafa. The eco-friendly Irrigatia kits are ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments, and can be used for pots, raised beds, hanging baskets, vegetables and greenhouses. They use solar power to pump feed and water from water barrels or other non-pressurised water sources, and require no wires, mains connections or hose pipes. Among the advantages of the system are that it uses 90 per cent less water than a hose, it delivers more water during sunnier periods and it provides irrigation even when the owner is away from the property.
**La Hacienda** (Hall 5.1, Stand D67) designs and delivers new and innovative real fire patio heaters including metal and clay chimeneas and firebowls. New for autumn 2012 are portable bio-ethanol fireplaces suitable for indoor and outdoor use where no flue is required. More pizza ovens have been added to the La Hacienda 2013 range in order to build on the successful launch this year. The ovens have been designed to allow the consumer to make and cook more authentic style pizzas that are full of wood-fired flavour. Also available for 2013 is a range of stainless steel garden torches and gel burners that provide light and ambience in outdoor situations.
**London & Lancashire** (Hall 9, Stand D31a) is showing its range of domestic security and bird control spikes, including the next generation of domestic physical security devices in the Prikka-Strip family of products. The product, Stegastrip, has specially strengthened spikes that can be fitted to any flat or angled surface to provide a maximum visual deterrent as well as a physical one. The twist is that when two strips of Stegastrip are fitted back-to-back and secured together with screws, they form a rotating spiked deterrent when used in conjunction with the optional posts. Also on show is Prikka-Strip, the original Intruder Excluder, Prikka-Brick-Strip and BirdBan anti-perching spikes for pigeon and seagull control.
**Nether Wallop Trading** (Hall 9, Stand D35) provides innovative practical tools and garden gifts, and is extending its fence post collection with the introduction of two more finials that are designed in the shape of a Bluetit and Nuthatch. The silhouettes make up a flock of ten garden birds that have been laser cut in steel with a powder coated finish and are supplied with fixing screws. The finials are both decorative and have a practical application to protect the tops of fence posts. Nether Wallop has been supplying the German market since 2008.
**Parallax Marketing/Plastics** (Hall 9, Stand D32a) is exhibiting a wide range of plastic products for the garden and leisure market, including a range of Tough Trugs, sledges, snow shovels, illusion mirrors, and trellis and equestrian products. The company has supplied the trade for the past 16 years and is now the second largest UK manufacturer of plastic sledges and snow shovels. Among the company’s brand names are the Stingray Sledge, the Swordfish Sledge, the Tough Trug, and the Feeding Station Illusion Mirrors. Tough Trugs are the newest addition to the plastic range.
**Parasene** (Hall 9, Stand D39) is exhibiting its extensive range of specialised garden products for the amateur gardener, which includes wheelbarrows, electric and non-electric seed starting systems, greenhouse heaters, gas-operated weed burners, cloches, award-winning pop-up greenhouses, grow houses, raised beds, plus a garden roller, lawn aerator and lawn scarifier. Parasene is exhibiting at spoga+gafa for the 18th time and enjoys considerable success in the German market, particularly in the mail order sector. The company, which is a division of H & E Knowles (Lye) Ltd, is now seeking to expand its business in Germany and other markets.
**Plantworks** (Hall 9, Stand C30a) is showing its RHS Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi range of products that has helped to change the landscape of gardening in the UK. These products support treated plants for their lifetime and are sold through all major garden centre and DIY chains in the UK. Sales are usually linked to the sale of trees and roses. The fungi attach to the plant and tree roots, extending the root system into the soil and extracting nutrients and water. The RHS rootgrow range is now available in German translation in both a 360g and 150g format for retail by garden centres, online retailers and DIY chains.
**Rollins Group** (Hall 9, Stand D30) is showing its various ranges of garden tools and gloves. Following a successful launch in the UK, the new Ethel glove range is now available throughout Europe. Ethel gloves have been developed with a narrower palm and longer fingers to suit the natural contours of women’s hands. The backs of the gloves are made from spandex, which stretches with movement and allows the hands to breathe and the synthetic suede on the palms and fingertips of the gloves is twice as tough as leather. The gloves are lightweight and tough and have rubber grips to increase dexterity. Every pair of Ethel gloves is machine washable.
**Smart Solar** (Hall 10.1, F61 ) is launching over 20 new products at spoga+gafa for the 2013 season, with emphasis on solar garden décor, using a wide variety of materials including ceramic, polyresin and metal. Building on the success this year of larger centerpiece solar lanterns, the company is introducing two new large metal lanterns with Moroccan style influence, as well as a selection of new string lights. New solar water features are also being added, including a cascading lily Frog Fountain and new Birdbath designs, along with additions to the patented solar table light range.
**Solus Garden & Leisure** (Hall 9, Stand E35) is showcasing its export ranges, including Camelot, YEOminis, ChapelWood and Joseph Bentley. The Camelot range has been extended to include a range of quality protection covers for barbecues and furniture. The covers are designed to provide protection from damage caused by UV light, rain, pollution, frost, bird fouling, dirt and treesap. Made from strong Oxford weave polyester fabric, each of the 24 covers in the range is tailored specifically for the product that it is to protect. New to the Camelot range for the 2013 season is a security bungee cord to add extra cover security.
**Stagecraft** (Hall 9, Stand C36a) is a leading supplier of standard and bespoke plant displays and shopfitting solutions. On show are retail plant displays comprising pressure treated timber benches and merchandisers for all plants and pots. There are also multi-tiered units for bedding plants and benches for herbaceous plants, specialist units for trees, hanging baskets, water plants and compost. Shopfitting items include bespoke checkout units and information and gift wrapping units. There are also softwood and hardwood gift table and display cubes, as well as gondolas and wall units for both plant and furniture accessories. There are also interior houseplant display units and a range of food hall and farm shop displays are also available.
**Straw Fuels LLP** (Hall 5.1, Stand D67) is showing its high energy logs that are made from straw and which offer an alternative fuel to wood for burning in stoves, chimeneas and open fires. The logs contain less than three per cent moisture, as opposed to between 25-50 percentage contained in wood. The high density of the product provides a heat output around seven times higher than the equivalent weight in wood. Each log will burn for approximately three hours, generating almost 5kW during its burning time. The product is clean to handle, easy to store and is environmentally friendly as it is annually renewable.
**STV International Ltd** (Hall 6, Stand C53) is a leading UK supplier of pest control products for home and garden use and has built an outstanding reputation for innovative new product development. Its ranges are distinctly branded, each targeting different and specific pest problems. Products include ‘catch and kill’ and live catch traps, as well as rodenticide baits, bait stations, ultrasonic deterrents and a range that provides for the caring control of pets, squirrels, moles, cats, dogs, deer and birds in outdoor areas.
**Tenax Laura** (Hall 10.1, Stand F61) is showing the Laura Ashley brand of garden products that includes many new items. Two new patterns in Kimono Olive Green and Isodore Cranberry Charcoal are being featured for the first time on a range of garden and leisure products. Many of the styles of earlier patterns have been dramatically changed and brought up to date with different materials. Wellingtons, gloves and umbrellas are an established part of the brand but clogs, patterned hand tools, full garden aprons and garden hats are among others items appearing for the first time. A new imposing merchandising unit that enables retailers to display the Laura Ashley concept more easily is also being shown.
**Textice Ltd/Babyllon Garden Products** (Hall 9, Stand D34) is showing its range of Babyllon garden products that was first launched at spoga+gafa 2011 and is now being supplied to outlets such as OBI in Germany. The items in the range include Twisters plant supports that are supplied flat-packed and can be extended to 2.13 metres. The supports are quick and easy to erect and are ideal for all climbing flowers, vegetables such as clematis, jasmine, tomatoes, blackberries, beans and peppers. They are suited for use in plant pots or in garden borders. A second range is Spirals, which allow established plants, such as peonies and poppies or large delphiniums, to be supported regardless of their height or size. Spirals are also supplied flat-packed. Completing the company’s display is Big Moss, a compressed top quality sphagnum moss.
**Trimetals Ltd** (Hall 9, Stand E30) is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality metal buildings and stores for both residential and commercial use. The company manufactures a wide range of quality metal garden sheds and stores, in addition to specialist storage products such as bicycle stores and motorcycle garages. There are a number of different sizes of apex and pent roof sheds in the range, and all items are produced from PVC coated galvanized steel panels. Trimetals supplies leading UK shop and DIY chains such as B&Q, Argos and Screwfix in addition to many independent garden centres and online retailers. The company is increasing the size of its manufacturing facility by 30 per cent in 2012 in order to accommodate the increasing demand for its products.
**VegTrug Ltd** (Hall 9, Stand D37) is exhibiting its raised bed vegetable growing system that enables anyone to grow vegetables in the smallest of spaces, such as balconies. There are three sizes of the VegTrug; large (2m), medium (1.8m) and small (1m). All are available in both natural wood and painted finishes. The company also provides full growing instructions to the end user. The company also produces a range of greenhouse frames and covers, and is introducing the new VegTrellis system that provides support for plants being grown in the raised bed. The product is now sold in 15 countries and the company is interested in appointing distributors for various European countries.
Whitefurze Ltd (Hall 9, Stand D30a) is showing a range of plastic garden products. These include polypropylene propagator covers that are tough and impact and scratch resistant whilst remaining UV stabilised. The vented covers, matching gravel and seed trays are available in three sizes. Also on show is a leaf grabber that has comfort grips and large capacity scoops. There is also a garden kneeler that has a comfortable padded area and a lidded storage compartment. Also on show is a Workbench Potting Tray that is handy for holding garden tools and compost when potting up plants. Completing the display are barrel planter patio tubs with wood grain effect that are ideal for the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and plants.
**Wildlife World** (Hall 10.1, Stand K56) is a leading European designer and manufacturer of wildlife habitats and wildlife related products. The company is continuing to expand its range with new products being launched at spoga+ gafa. These include a comprehensive wildlife attractor seed pack and information guide, with a variety of different species of wild flowers in each pack that are designed to attract specific types of wildlife. The range includes packs for a solitary bee, bumble bees, birds, bats and butterflies. Wildlife World is also showing one of its newest products, the Pantile bird feeding table which has a terracotta roof and hygiene tray, perches and a robust stand.
**Wood Fired Ovens by Jamie Olive**r (Hall 5.1, Stand D61) is exhibiting its wood fired ovens for domestic use for the first time at spoga+gafa. The dome60 oven is supplied as a fully formed oven and has a simple assembly metal stand, metal oven door with thermometer, metal flue, four detachable handles, one pizza paddle and brush set. Suitable for urban spaces or large residential gardens, the dome60 oven can reach internal temperatures of +450 degrees C whilst remaining cool to the touch on the outside. The ovens are economical on space and deliver excellent results.
**Yardmaster International** (Hall 11.2, Stand P10) is a leading European manufacturer of high quality flat-packed DIY metal garden sheds. The company’s new deluxe SHIPLAP range has been designed to meet the requirements of European customers and to emulate the appearance of a wooden shed. This panel profile, in combination with Yardmaster’s high gables, also provides significantly increased height for extra storage and headroom. Translucent roof panels provide a bright shed interior, and roof guttering helps maintain cleaner walls and facilitates eco water collection. All models in the range carry at least ten years’ anti-rust guarantee and require no maintenance.
**Bambrella** (Hall 3.2, Stand H1), manufacturer of garden bamboo parasols and furniture, has yet to announce its exhibits.

For further information on the British exhibitors or Gardenex, the trade association that works on behalf of British companies to help them increase sales worldwide,
telephone: +44 (0) 44 1959 565995 or fax: +44 (0) 1959 565885
Email: or visit the Gardenex website on

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