Bird-B-Gone Inc. announces new product – Pond Defender™.

Published on June 19, 2013

Bird-B-Gone Inc. announces the launch of their new product, the Pond Defender™, to protect Koi and other fish in garden ponds. An ultraviolet (U.V.) protected polypropylene disc that fits any size pond or water garden, the Pond Defender provides protective cover for your fish while maintaining the aesthetics of your pond.

“We are proud to introduce the Pond Defender. It’s a unique product; there is nothing else like it in the US,” says Shaun Johnson, Retail & Mass Merchant Sales Manager at Bird-B-Gone “And it’s an effective and inexpensive solution to a very expensive problem, considering customers pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for their Koi fish,” he adds.

Each package of Pond Defender features twelve discs that can be snapped together to fit the shape of any water garden or pond. The discs create a ring around the outside edge of the pond or water garden, leaving the center open and creating cover where the fish need it most. The discs are black and sit just beneath the surface of the water, creating a virtually invisible barrier between predator birds, like Heron, and expensive Koi fish. “Pond Defender is barely visible, so you can enjoy watching your fish without worrying about the discs being an eyesore,” says Bird-B-Gone Owner, Bruce Donoho. “When you need to clean your pond, simply take the discs out and replace them when you’re finished.”

Bird-B-Gone is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment.

**Bird-B-Gone Inc.

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1 thought on “Bird-B-Gone Inc. announces new product – Pond Defender™.”

  1. I will look for the bird defender that you mention.
    We have had three garden ponds for 32 years and not been bothered by the birds stealing them, up to the past 5 years, when our ponds were cleaned out by the crane.
    Our home is on the river that flows into the ocean, so plenty of birds and we had to take action.
    Our feature pond looking from the front entrance is now covered by netting, which we do not particularly like. Underneath the netting frame we have put fishing line all the way across which you can hardly see.
    This is a good idea, if it works alone, as we have been too scared to just use this method, due to the fact that we are not here all the time.
    I just thought that the crane could stand on the side and put it’s beak through the gaps.
    We will have to risk it to find out.
    The other pond is round and above ground.
    This pond is half covered by strong wire mesh that the fish can hide under. They are always fed from that side to encourage them to go there when anyone is around, especially the crane. The other side is open and has water lilies growing.
    This seems to be working, as we don’t appear to have lost any fish. It doesn’t look too bad as you can still see half of the pond, plus the fish are still visible through the mesh.
    The third pond just has water lilies.

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