BioSafe Systems Announces New Sanitation Sales Rep

Published on October 7, 2009

BioSafe Systems would like to introduce Mark Ellis, a new sales representative for the sanitation market. Mark is a seasoned sales veteran with experience working for companies such as Coca-Cola and Holiday Inn Hotels, among others. This varied experience will be a valuable asset as BioSafe Systems seeks to expand into additional sales markets.

Mark will be developing business in the Midwest and throughout the country, connecting with new distribution partners to open fresh channels for BioSafe Systems’ chlorine-alternative sanitation products. He will help BioSafe Systems expand into areas such as healthcare, hospitality, and food services.

Mark is based in Chicago, IL, and can be reached via email at

About BioSafe Systems, LLC
BioSafe Systems, LLC is the manufacturer of disease control solutions such as ZeroTol Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide, OxiDate Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide and GreenClean Granular Algaecide. With a presence in the agriculture, animal health, post harvest, horticulture, turf, retail, and aquatics industries, BioSafe Systems will continue growing with the release of new products and solutions to meet the disease-control needs of homeowners and professionals alike.

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