BioSafe Systems Announces AXXE Weed & Grass Control Now Available to Homeowners

Published on January 13, 2013

BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce, AXXE Weed & Grass Control a non-selective herbicidal soap for organic gardening. The most effective herbicide certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute AXXE will eradicate grasses and weeds to help maintain weed-free patios, walkways and driveways. It also works great as a spot treatment in gardens to eliminate back breaking hand weeding. AXXE Weed & Grass Control is biodegradable and will not migrate through soil to harm surrounding plants. Gardens may be re-seeded or planted after treatment, making AXXE the perfect choice for both avid and new gardeners.

Use AXXE for burn down and control of weeds and grasses such as chickweed, liverwort, crabgrass, dandelion, ragweed, and more. See visible results within hours even on algae and moss.

AXXE Weed & Grass Control is available in a 32 fl. oz. ready to spray, 32 fl. oz. Tip-n-pour concentrate, and 1 gallon concentrate.

BioSafe Systems is committed to protecting what matters most. That’s why we’re determined to make effective products that are truly eco-friendly and can be used around kids, pets, and the environment.

For information about AXXE Weed & Grass Control contact BioSafe Systems at 1.888.273.3088 (toll-free)

A green thumb is good. A green brain is better.™

**BioSafe Systems**
(888) 273-3088 toll-free

About BioSafe Systems, LLC
BioSafe Systems, LLC is the manufacturer of sustainable and effective disease control solutions for the Agriculture, Animal Health, Post Harvest / Food Safety, Commercial Horticulture, Golf, Home & Garden, and Aquatics industries.

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