Bionetix® International Offers Natural Strategies for Cleaner Ponds, Healthier Fish This Summer

Published on May 16, 2019

It is not too early (or too late) to plan a strategy for keeping your ponds clean this spring and summer. Maintaining pond clarity is a common challenge, as the heavy use of fertilizers creates nutrient rich runoff, leading to nutrient pollution and excessive algae growth in lakes and ponds. This adds to the normal strain of everyday contaminant buildup from aquatic plant and fish life. Ponds also tend to have a higher likelihood of chemical imbalances at the end of winter and can be slow to recover since natural corrective mechanisms are dormant in cold weather.

Bioaugmentation for Natural Pond Clarity

The use of bioaugmentation to speed up the process is an excellent natural strategy for boosting pond clarity in early spring and maintaining it through the summer. When the weather is still cold and natural nitrifiers have not awakened enough to start degrading contaminants, a dose of BCP655 supplies a needed boost to the system. BCP655 can remove organic nitrogen (such as amino acids, proteins, purines, pyrimidines, and nucleic acids) and help with ammonia levels even in cooler temperatures like those in early spring. The microorganisms in BCP655 have a healthy appetite for carbon, allowing them to consume nitrogen at a higher rate than typical. BCP655 microorganisms can also use nitrite/nitrate for respiration when dissolved oxygen levels are low, which could easily happen in lakes or ponds that have been at a standstill for several months.

As the weather warms up, BCP54 can be added periodically to maintain pond clarity. The biologicals contained in BCP54 reduce cloudiness and promote settling of suspended solids. They reduce nutrient pollution (the culprit for algae growth), suspended solids, and odors. They also help to break down organic matter at the bottom of the pond to reduce sludge. This is especially important in ponds that have high levels of plant life or fish.

Bringing Clarity to a Golf Course Pond

Last November, when many lakes and ponds in the Northern Hemisphere were heading into cooler winter temperatures, springtime had begun in Santo Domingo, Chile. A bioaugmentation project was just getting underway at a golf course where a pond had developed a very dark color and was suffering from algae and bad odors. Two applications of BCP54 approximately two weeks apart resulted in a vast improvement within a month of the initial application. The water was clearer, and the bad smells were eliminated. Also, much less algae were seen in the pond than before. These observations suggested that BCP54 had successfully reduced the level of nutrient pollution, leading to improved clarity and aesthetics for the golf course.

Probiotics for Aquatic Species

When an ornamental pond or aquaculture lagoon also supports aquatic life such as fish or shrimp, the health of the biome can be further enhanced through feed bioaugmentation. AQUA-FEED is a feed additive that works like probiotics for aquatic species. Mixing it with fish or shrimp feed improves feed quality and promotes a healthier digestive and immune system for an overall healthier aquatic population.

Start Now to Plan an Effective Bioaugmentation Strategy

A good balance of water clarity and healthy aquatic life can be difficult to maintain. With bioaugmentation, that balance is much easier to achieve, and can be done without the use of harsh chemicals. Whether you find yourself in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere, now is an excellent time to start planning (or implementing) your natural bioaugmentation strategy for cleaner ponds and healthier fish this summer!

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