Biggest Event of Japanese Koi in Hawaii

Published on January 22, 2009

The 3rd Japan Nishikigoi Expo and The 2nd Annual International Aloha Koi Show Honolulu, HI

On February 21st and 22nd, at McKinley High School, Kodama Koi Farm will be having the 3rd Japan Nishikigoi Expo in conjunction with the 2nd Annual International Aloha Koi Show by the Aloha Koi Appreciation Society for one purpose – to promote living jewels or Japanese Koi throughout Hawaii as well as the entire United States.

Those who are familiar with the Koi in the Ala Moana Shopping Center or Pagoda Hotel, will be astonished by seeing the difference and beauty of Japanese Nishikigoi. Nishikigoi is a national fish of Japan and widely prized by collectors around the world and it is a growing hobby in the U.S. As Nishikigoi is described as living jewels, quality Nishikigoi will one day be worth more than 30,000 dollars.

The 3rd Japan Nishikigoi Expo is solely intended to promote the awareness of Nishikigoi and educate the public. This year, Mr. Seki, a top breeder in Niigata, Japan will make his first appearance in the US and provide us with a seminar.

Mr. Taro Kodama, owner of Kodama Koi Farm, Mr. John Russell, owner of Russell Water Gardens and Koi, and Mr. Steve Walker, owner of Sacramento Koi will also be present to provide valuable Koi and Pond seminars.

The 2nd Annual International Aloha Koi Show is expecting almost 300 entries of top quality Koi, not only from Hawaii but also from the US and Canada. This is one of the biggest Koi shows in the US.

Kodama Koi Farm is a subsidiary of Miyoshiike, a 40 year-experienced top Nishikigoi dealer in Japan. Miyoshiike opened Japan Koi Online as the service center of US in California in 2000. Recently, the company expanded to Hawaii in search of a better environment for raising Koi and is doing business as Kodama Koi Farm.

Aloha Koi Appreciation Society was founded by Mr. George Ariyoshi, former governor, and Mr. Mamoru Kodama, founder of Kodama Koi Farm and a top authority in the Koi world.

Should you have any questions or would like more information contact Taro at or 808-623-2997.

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