Steve Stroupe has been actively involved in the US water garden industry since 1987 when he started Davis Creek Nursery, a wholesale aquatic plant nursery and distribution company...which managed to endure for an amazing 12 year run. Additionally, Steve designed and/or co-designed a number of aquatic plant containers shortly after transitioning the industry from "Tucker Tubs" to professional, no-hole nursery containers, and subsequently developed new growing protocols around them for commercial aquatic plant growers. He's written extensively for various periodicals, and has co-authored three books on the care and cultivation of aquatic plants. He currently holds national sales rep positions with Americo Manufacturing [Poly Flo] & Loki Nets. He also consults within the industry and occasionally teaches aquatic plant classes at industry events as well as furnishes aquatic plant tech support to various organizations on behalf of the IWGS. At present, he holds the office of Vice President of the IWGS, where he also functions as occasional fundraiser and Facebook administrator. Heís an infrequent contributor to industry trade publications, but often functions as a de facto industry satirist and critic. Steve enjoys rural living, rock & roll, vegetable gardening, cheap wine, vintage military firearms, growing waterlilies, canoeing, fossil collecting, housewifery, and alligator wrestling. He resides on 15 wooded acres in rural Alabama with his indulgent and forgiving wife, five cats, an indeterminate number of western cottonmouths, and hundreds of aquatic plants.

Why I Like Turtles in the Water Garden

By Steve Stroupe / January 1, 2011 / 0 Comments

(In response to David Curtright’s Web exclusive article Why I Don’t Like Turtles in My Ponds) I enjoyed Mr. Curtwright’s article, and felt that his criticism of these three species of turtles in backyard ponds and water gardens was more than justified. However…

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